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Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony

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Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony

Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony - Forum

For those who asked for it, and any more who wish to participate...

Forgot to mention, post applications in the forum under "Character Applications". All characters start at level one. Max HP/MP for first level.

*Disregard voting for Limit Breaks; we are going to use method two due to it being voted for unanimously*

Game Description:

The city of Tramont is known for its festivities. Not a day passes in silence; a constant flood of travelers, mercenaries, and merchants keeps it active at all times. Everyone has a different reason for coming. However, even if your reason is not shared by anyone else, your destiny will be intertwined with many others. For this is the city where the king of the continent of Bravonia lives, and he has requested the help of people who wish to be heroes. Heroes, such as yourself.

Welcome to Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony, a roleplaying game that is using the homebrewed Final Fantasy RPG Third Edition system. This will be a long-term campaign that heavily emphasizes roleplaying while still having several combat situations.

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My vote is for method two--it seems a bit dumb that you can't use anything BUT your limit when you achieve it in Method One. Tentatively posting interest with a Blue Mage, Dragoon, or Thief.

I vote method two. I've used the system before, and creating the limit breaks provides a lot of inspiration for further developing a character both mechanically and in terms of fluff.

Definitely interested. It's a real pity that the FFRPG wiki went under, though - with it gone, so are all of the nifty resources it used to have, and all forms of archive trawling have been uncooperative so far. Pity I missed the interest thread for this - would have suggested running ZODIAC (the game linked to by the first Limit Break option) instead, since it's the best choice for FF now.

Ah well, whatcha gonna do. Voting Option Two for limits (since it works on the same system as the one we'll be playing in), and got a character concept or two in mind. Gonna see what I can do with them! Thinking of running with a Magic Knight right now.

Very interested! I may be newish to Myth-Weavers, but not to PbP or Final Fantasy.

I'm posting interest in a Moogle Blue Mage, and I vote for Limit Break option 2; it does seem to be a lot more customizable, providing for more unique limit breaks.

As mentioned before, I'm new to Myth-Weavers, so please don't mind me if I stumble a bit in making an application, as I've only ever DMed here before. I think I have things figured out, though...

I vote for method 2!

I'll be applying with either a Vieran Monk or a Vieran Engineer, both of which would be the rare and almost never seen Male veriaty of the Viera.


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