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Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony

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Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony

Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony - Forum

For those who asked for it, and any more who wish to participate...

Forgot to mention, post applications in the forum under "Character Applications". All characters start at level one. Max HP/MP for first level.

*Disregard voting for Limit Breaks; we are going to use method two due to it being voted for unanimously*

Game Description:

The city of Tramont is known for its festivities. Not a day passes in silence; a constant flood of travelers, mercenaries, and merchants keeps it active at all times. Everyone has a different reason for coming. However, even if your reason is not shared by anyone else, your destiny will be intertwined with many others. For this is the city where the king of the continent of Bravonia lives, and he has requested the help of people who wish to be heroes. Heroes, such as yourself.

Welcome to Final Fantasy: Song of Harmony, a roleplaying game that is using the homebrewed Final Fantasy RPG Third Edition system. This will be a long-term campaign that heavily emphasizes roleplaying while still having several combat situations.

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I'm voting for method 2 - I'll be using this chance to play a Rune Knight, hoohah!

EDIT: Nix that, my mind isn't made up entirely yet. Soon, though... soon.

Interested and new to the rules myself so I'll get around to generating something.

My vote is for Method 2.

Okay, method two has won in an overwhelming fashion. XD I will amend the first post to confirm that method two should be used. Thanks for your input!

OK, I think I've got a concept: The royal heir(ess) to a mighty kingdom (or city-state, depending on the political landscape). This leads me to asking four questions:

A) Are there any setting details set in stone, Celtic? Wouldn't want to make something that goes against any plans you might have.

B) On the same line, is the concept OK? It's certainly a slightly unusual setup compared to the usual penniless vagrants that adventurers tend to be. If it's not kosher, I'll think of something else.

C) Coming back to the setting question, what about tone? Would a lighter, more fantastic kingdom be fine, or would it be best if I stuck to a grittier nation?

D) And, for an entirely different question, would anybody be interested in sharing circumstances with my character? It could be for any number of reasons - a brother (or sister), a tutor/bodyguard, or even someone who got dragged into a mess by accident. It isn't Final Fantasy if there aren't some links between party members.

There are only a few setting details already determined, specifically because I was hoping some backstories would flesh the setting out. I am welcoming concepts like yours, since they do fit the Final Fantasy feel quite nicely! I am fine with either feeling, it'll all work out in the end.

Very interested in this game! I'm brand new to the system, so I'll have to figure out what sort of character. Moogle Paladin?Red or Blue Mage? Summoner? Choices, choices...

Being a blue mage is heavily reliant on the GM putting the Blue Mage spells onto the monsters they make. Any race can do anything, typically, some just do things better than others. I need to think of a background for why a 12 year old Tarutaru is a Gambler. As I just chose it because the Gambler relies on the Magic stat.

Finished my character (and giving this ad a shameless bump to the top), comments and what not appreciated.


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