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Notice of suspension of all activities

Ok guys, unless my conditions suddenly and unexpectedly turn for the worse again, I -should- be back.

I really wanted to get that Disgaea 5 game going, and of course I'm not going to abandon the Trails of Cold Steel game since it has the best players 've ever had the honor to DM for: on top of that, I had an idea for a brand new game to celebrate my return (again, here's hoping nothing else will go wrong)... But 3 games is the most I can handle at the moment, and I certainly don't have the time to be a player: so I'm going ahead and archiving/leaving all the games I'm in with the exception of the mentioned ones. I sincerely apologize to all parts involved, but I really have no choice: I'm feeling better, and we more or less know what the matter with me is, but that said my conditions are still VERY shaky, and I could go from "yay I'm back" to "at the hospital in critical conditions" very quickly, pretty much at the drop of a hat.

So yeah, let's just pray that doesn't happen, shall we?

Given that you're back (happy to have you back!), I think the thread has served its purpose! Good gaming, Tears of Tomorrow.


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