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Percentile Dice

Percentile Dice

My partner is trying to move to percentile dice. I really hate rolling percentile dice. I realize he has rational reasons and I do not, but I REALLY do not want to use percentile dice because of bad experiences with really cumbersome percentile dice systems. What do you think? Should I just suck it up?

The dice themselves are irrelevant, they're just a way of generating a suitable probability distribution. Decide what you want that to look like, then choose the right dice for it (or, potentially, something other than dice, even).

What @TheFred said.

Also, I've never been able to understand the irrational, random hate towards a given type of dice, but obviously that's just me!

A d20 measures in 5% steps, does your friend need the increased granularity of being able to set the Percentile targets at smaller then 5% increments? If not, then his desire for the change is just as irrational.

He wants to stop dividing scores to get modifiers, stop having different scores be used "if higher" and at the same time reduce the effect of the modifiers for most things in the game.

We ended up agreeing to see if we could accomplish his goals without a time-consuming transition.

I've been using % dice for a long time, since TSR's went on a run of making games with % based systems like Star Frontiers, Top Secret and Gamma World. I lived by them and shunned the d20 and d6 systems that came out after, D&D being the one exception. Over time, however, it became obvious how tedious % based systems can be. You can really get the same effect with a d20 for the most part. Took me a long time to say that...still in counseling. Anyway, I'd have the conversation with your DM about why you dont like the % system but at the end of the day I wouldnt push. Sometimes its preference, sometimes its nostalgia. At the end of the day its all about telling a good story and the dice really dont have any impact on that at all (prove me wrong ).

Embrace it for what it is and have fun!


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