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The Cleric entry assumes you have a deity, but the only thing it really affects with regard to this is that you can't be neutral if you worship a non-neutral deity (which in turn means that the alignment of a non-neutral deity determines whether you turn/cure or rebuke/inflict). I'm sure there's a separate sidebar somewhere for Clerics without deities but in essence you just act as though you have a deity who is however you want them to be. You can be neutral and just pick.

Whilst a strict reading of the text leaves the neutral deity-less Cleric without rules and arguably therefore without any turning/rebuking/spontaneous casting at all, I've never seen a DM be so needlessly pedantic as to split hairs over this to do a Cleric out of two of their core abilities for no real reason; it makes no sense for a neutral Cleric to be penalised in such a way. If you're good, you turn and cure, if you're evil, you rebuke and inflict, and if you're neutral, you choose. Simple.

guys it also says he/him, so then a cleric cant be female? its not an opinion, you don't need to worship gods if you are a cleric. it says it right in the description of the class, Some clerics devote themselves not to a god but to a cause or a source of divine power. These characters wield magic the way clerics devoted to individual gods do

edit: the only confusing part of a cleric is when your god says you cant do something, i.e a neutral cleric of a good diety can not spontaneously cast inflict spells nor can he choose to command undead. etc,...

In class descriptions, gendered pronouns are used synecdochally for ease of reading and writing.


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