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Anyways to make PbP go any faster?

If you want your games to go faster, try finding people in the same time zones. Also try asking in the game planning if anyone would like to get online at a certain time and day and play then. having something like a chatroom where you could roll dice (not sure if there is one out there) for combat and then typing outside in myth would work well (I think, I've never tried it before.) Just some things I could think up off the top of my head.

PBP im forums can run almost realtime, but only in short bursts, and only in small groups. I recall a game I was in quite a while ago. When it started, it was just me & the DM. We got 150 posts in 1 1/2 hours, at which point I met up with another player. As the game progressed, each additional player reduced the game's post rate by 2/3's, until eventually the game got so slow it died.

In those short bursts, then you wouldn't need a chatroom to roll, you could just use MW dice.

Personally, I like the slow format of a PBP game. With a full time job, a wife, a house, and lots of other obligations pulling me in other directions, I don't have the time to sit down at a table for a weekly game. PBP works well for me because it moves slowly and is not dependent upon lining up everyone's schedule. Plus, I find PBPs more "literary," so to speak than table top gaming. It's more like reading/writing a story, which is appealing to me.

That, to me, is where PBP shines. It's what makes it great, in my humble opinion. Have you ever thought that maybe PBP just isn't your cup of tea?
Which is where my problem comes in - as I mentioned at the first, I just found out recently I'm not allowed to search for games to be run offsite without a good portion of it being run through Myth-weavers. Not to mention, even then... finding people willing to run is pretty damn hard.

-Sadly admits that unlike him, his life is far less empty and free. x.x No job, school, S/O, etc. leads to lots of spare hours left doing nothing-

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but one thing is to limit the amount of time spent between the action, so to speak. Like when the party returns to town after slaying the BBEG with their loot, don't spend a whole lot of time taking them through from store to store to find the best deals, keep things simple. If someone wants to buy a certain magic item, check the percentage of the village/town/city having something like that and sell it at MSRP Or should I say
Dungeon Master Suggested Retail Price
DMSRP. But keep the mechanics of the behind the scenes stuff low and that will help.


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