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I was going through my 3.5 DMG yesterday, and I came to the traps. This inevitably lead me to the question, how do traps work out in Pbp? And are they as underused by other DM's in RL as they are by me?

I realize this may be in the wrong section. Please move it if it is.

I assume they work the plan a room to have a trap in it, and if your PCs roll to check for traps, and they roll high enough, you tell them where it is, and they can try to disarm it. If they don't take the precaution to roll a Search when they go in, then they just walk into it.

That aside, back when I played 3.5, I never used any of the non-magic traps very often. Now playing 4e, I only use the sort of traps that make a fight interesting, like dangling scythes or a spinning floor or something. None of the stationary "Boo! Here comes a dart!" traps. I never took to those.

Yup. Also the pitfalls don't work well here...
I'm against having players move, having multiple choices, then when I spring a pitfall on them, assuming the direct route, they may say they took a different route.
Stationary traps are quite irritating, especially those that are like pits, or that can screw up an otherwise brilliant move, with brilliant rolls.

Door traps often make sense, after all, if you're a big bad evil guy, and you have this hideout, why wouldn't you go through the effort to make sure your vital doors won't be opened by people who aren't support to open them?

The best/worst door traps are the ones your rogue can't dismantle because they can't see them. Stupid Glyph's of Warding on the INSIDE of a door... *grumble*

My favorite trap was a medusa's head suspended just a little above eye level. It had a magic mouth spell on it that would say; "Hey ... up here" whenever someone entered the room.

Those in the know would simply avert their eyes. My character made a good living in a nearby city selling life sized statues of heros that had dissapeared.

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