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[Review] Twilight

Originally Posted by bored_teen View Post
don't forget that being a creepy stalker makes you totally hot!
You know, as a creepy stalker, I totally resent your sarcasm.

...I know where you live.

-sings Twilight Zone music- Do do do do do do do do >_>...

Speaking of the zone, I think the twilight zone episodes makes more sense then this movie, and their made to NOT make sense! At least it had interesting endings. This movie is an abomination to this world! ><

Well looks like I won't be giving them a go. My mom just raves about the book and my sister got the series for christmas. Let the hell begin...

Well, as a probably over protective parent (father) I read the series as it was my understanding that it was written more for an older teen than my daughter. I found that I actually enjoyed but can not say exactly why. I was concerned that after the first three books, when I started the fourth, my daughter had finished the first two books, that the last book had grown out of her age range. I have decided, reluctantly, that she can read the fourth though it has more 'adult content' than the previous three books. I did this based on the fact that she is at least reading now instead of spending hours watching crap or playing console games. Maybe now, as others have eluded to, I can interest her in better writers. Though the concept of Twilight is kind of cool in its non-traditional-vampire normality.

The Bane

Originally Posted by Madadh View Post
Those books make me want to put kittens in blenders.
kittens are delicious...

Jesus christ, the two summaries were the bomb guys! As soon as I heard Twilight was a "Romantic vampire story", I instantly hated it. Vampires are creatures of LUST, not love. That is exactly why all their flaws stem from love (or at least from what I preceive). I seriously hate the fact that Twilight sounds like such an AWSOME title but it's content is disgustingly and hidiously bad. You end up having to judge the book by it's cover to give good ratings...just like the actors in the movie!!!!

I am so happy that there are people in this world who hate Twilight and not everyone is one of those happy, happy fangirls who would so readily accept a card board cut out of Mr Fake-Rebel of the year as a boyfriend.

Originally Posted by Viletta Vadim View Post
Gild... You should probably read the series. It will help with damage control.
No point to that ... She's already twisted. Her current boyfriend is a bit of a tool, but I can't convince her of that ... I'm just a parent after all.


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