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[Review] Twilight

Consider the Penny Dreadfuls of the Victorian Era. And modern Romance novels.

Again, my only concern is that tween girls, and even young teen girls, are getting an unhealthy view of relationships from these books.

The HP series was written for kids and read by adults as well. Now, if I read Twilight, I'm a grown woman. But it's targeted to tweens and teens.

The Bane mentioned that the last book had adult situations that made him a bit hesitant to let his daughter read it. I'm not worried about the adult situations per se, myself, but how relationships are portrayed.

I think the main issue is whether young girls are being given an unhealthy view of relationships.

Crappy literature should be allowed to exist. Books like Twilight should be allowed to exist. We can roll our eyes at them, and wish they weren't so popular, but then we don't have the right to say they can't be written and sold.

On the other hand, as parents, we do have the right to be concerned about what goes into our children's heads, and to regulate it.

I still want to know, from The Bane and from others who've actually read the books (which I have not) whether you think they are an unhealthy influence? Do they send a message that sets girls up to be hurt, and what, if anything, should be done about it?

Should we be upset that such things are permitted to be marketed at young girls, or should we leave responsibility for such things up to the parents?

If my kid were older, I'd let her read them. She's only four, so it's not an issue yet. But I'd read them too, and talk to her about them.

Everybody brings up the fact that the books are loved by females 9-40 or so. Well, the 17-18 year-olds and older can take care of themselves. They can read whatever soft-core tripe they want. It's the tweens and teens we should be worried about.

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
Should we be upset that such things are permitted to be marketed at young girls, or should we leave responsibility for such things up to the parents?
Mark Twain one expressed a distaste of censorship as similar to "being denied steak because a baby can only drink milk." I don't recall the exact quote, sadly, but the feeling is the same. I think the moment we allow government/corporations to make decisions like this, we all loose.

That said, I do think we need to encourage every parent to pay more attention to their children, not just want they read/watch/play, but also understand who their child is and what they can deal with. Every child is different and needs to be handled on an individual basis.

It's why my wife and I read reviews, get friend's opinions, and watch/read the questionable items before we decide on our children, (and only our children).

Well-said, Phoenyx. I certainly would, under no circumstances, condone banning or censorship of books.

Wonder Woman,

It is my opinion, that as a whole I can NOT fault this series for 'unhealthy relationships'. Over romanticized, maybe, but I have seen worse examples of bad or unhealthy relations on TV, or even in other proclaimed 'literature'. No, though I did not care too much for the series, I would not rate my time reading it as lost. I say that because, as I have mentioned, my daughter is reading and since I read it too, we have a common ground for discussion that we had not had before. Actually I would, getting back to your question directed toward me, say that it actually has some solid relationship lessons; monogamy, abstention before marriage, acceptance, how to deal with love interests that you are not also in love with - maturely. So, in short, I personally do not have an issue with the relationship being 'unhealthy', weird maybe, but I very well might find my own daughter's love interest weird one day.

Best, and hope that answers the question from my view point,
The Bane

Thank you, Bane, yes. And I commend you for taking the time to read them.

At the risk of being stoned to death here, I’m going to throw my two cents in.

I don’t like romance books.

I don’t like books that are cliché.

I don’t like books without action and/or plot.

Yet, I found myself liking Twilight even though the entire series managed to check all those boxes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s nowhere near as amazing as hype indicates, but I did enjoy it, albeit averagely. There were a few points in reading where I stopped to roll my eyes and sigh in exasperation (books 3 and 4 were two points all on their own).

The first book had potential. Romance, sure, but there was danger and tension and a lot of people could relate to Bella more than they could to most other fictional characters around today. Yes, I do mean because of the awkward clumsiness. It was all downhill after that. New Moon was the most depressing book I’ve ever read. I can’t really tell if it was because of the emotions or because it was bad. I was sick at the time, in hospital, and I can’t remember half of it. One thing you have to give credit to these books for, however, is the emotions that they easily portray. Yes, they’re girly books in that respect, sorry. Its not always a bad thing… except in this case where it‘s 4 long books of emotions and it‘s just dull. Eclipse was meant to be climactic. It wasn’t. It was barely enjoyable. And Breaking Dawn was just awful. It didn’t even have a grand finale! Gasp! I believe I've spotted an icon somewhere that reads "Breaking Dawn: Game Over - Fans Lose."

Stephenie Meyer took what should have been a great idea and she turned it into a soggy mess of words and emotion, vacant characters (except Jacob, in the beginning - I liked Jacob) and a ‘rock solid’ series of events that turned out more to the consistency of porridge. Unfortunately, Meyer herself is a bit like a soggy lump of porridge; one that sulks every time she gets a bad review and has, as a result, cancelled the release (and the completion) of another book to the series. Can’t say many people were really bothered though. Not even her fans, in the end.

I suppose it didn’t help that the whole vampire thing is done to death, either.

On another note, how the series affected people, namely the younger readers, isn’t an issue. What those books contained wasn’t bad or evil, it didn’t promote sex or abuse at all. If anything it made a point about saving one’s self for marriage, and showed how a young relationship doesn’t actually need a sexual aspect to be enjoyable, and agreeing with every point that The Bane made before me. There were no bad relationships in the book that any child could take from or be influenced by.

It didn’t give girls a clouded view of relationships either. Unless the child is seriously believing that vampires exist and that they might find one and fall in love with them. As long as parents have done even a half decent job in making sure their kids’ heads are screwed on straight, they’re not going to have a problem.

Originally Posted by Rinny View Post
Yet, I found myself liking Twilight even though the entire series managed to check all those boxes.
She's a witch!!! BURN HER!!!

Having read pretty much all of those awful, awful books myself, I also cannot see the whole impending moral crisis that a lot of the detractors seem to associate with it. Except for the whole of that last book, it is just amazingly screwed with on so many levels. I wish I could have come up with half of that crazy crap, especially pedowolf. I had such a laugh.

Originally Posted by Squeak View Post
She's a witch!!! BURN HER!!!
You say that like it's a bad thing...

Meek, I know! All I could think of how uncomfortable thats going to be in a movie, if they get that far. *shudder*

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
You know, as a creepy stalker, I totally resent your sarcasm.

...I know where you live.
WW wins this thread.


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