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I thought Dragonball: The Movie was bad, but...

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I'm split... they have decent actors... Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) for Chun Li... Michael Clarke Duncan is Balrog.... I don't know about casting one of the Back Eyed Peas as Vega, but he's behind a mask anyways...

Well even if it is completely terrible. At least Kristin Kreuk is quite easy on the eyes...... I'm sure I could manage watching her for a whole movie.

Maybe watch it a second time. (Just to at least remember the storyline if anyone asked me about it afterwards)

Playing a character he'll probably fluff.

Streetfighter was okay as long as you don't think about the quality of the film too much and just enjoy whats left (slapstick comedy pastiche nonsense).

This new SF film may actually be an okay martial arts film, but will probably be stupid on some level.


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