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i need good J pop/rock songs

I'm a fan of Asian Kung-Fu generation, pretty generic J-Rock/Pop. Uverworld falls under that catergory as well, they're decent.
L'Arc-En-Ciel is good as well. But these are fairly mainstream bands, I don't really know a lot of the obscure j-pop/rock bands.

My favorite of all time, hands down.

Neo Grotesque by Pierrot.

But I guess it sorta depends on what taste of music though. There are plenty of "sub-genre" in the j-music. Even in j-pop or j-rock. There's the j-rock with screaming...there're more of the melodic j-rock, etc.

The only non-anime theme song music I like is 9Goats Blackout. Dunno why I always liked them, kind of melodic I suppose.

Well, what sort of J-rock/pop are you interested in? I have a friend who, after stint as a English teacher overseas, started collecting Japanese boy-band music and memorabilia. One of her aquaintences from the fandom circuit is more into J-rock, runs a fansite for the group One Ok Rock.

I listen to a lot of Jam Project and their solo member songs (a LOT; Victory, Gong, Skill, No Border, and Cry for the Earth all top my most-listened to by a lot), but Zard is pretty up there for a female singer. Gackt is sometimes good, sometimes not, but his old band, Malice Mizer, is great if you're looking for a gothic touch.

Pierrot isn't bad, like SilverxVenom suggested, but I haven't much out of them. L'arc-en-ciel isn't bad either, although I've grown pretty tired of them.

Other then that, though, I listen to a lot of old J-songs, so my suggestions are more skewed.

Danger Gang's Love is blind is a good one, and I very much agree with the recommendation of Pierrot and 9Goats Blackout.

I have a couple hundred bands if yah wanna hit me up with a pm Gaunt, tell me the type of music yah looking for, we got alot.

anything and everything from any anime
and yes hit me on the pm

My apologies if you've already heard most of these.

For guitar-driven J-rock, at least give a listen to: The Pillows, Bump of Chicken, and GO!GO!7188. For something a little harder, you can't go wrong with the venerable B'z.

If you like your Japanese music with a side of electronic, try out some Polysics (more rockish) or Perfume (very poppy). This sound seems to be pretty popular at the moment.

Speaking of pop, no collection is complete without the high school all-girl ska power of Ore Ska Band. There are also like 50,000 pop stars, but I'd say Utada Hikaru, Aiko, and Yaida Hitomi are a good place to start.

For male pop, I always enjoy Chemistry. Monkey Majik, who is actually Canadian, can be kind of fun too.

A couple others worth mentioning would be:
Shiina Ringo (Unique, kind of hard pop sound. She's the vocalist for Tokyo Jihen.)
Shugo Tokumaru (J-indie, if you will. All kinds of nifty instruments.)

Thanks f or introducing me to that ska band, other then the singer I love it.


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