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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Thanks RC.

Say Ariel, I'm not seeing where this is specified in the house rules thread. What is your preference for how we gain hp at level 2 and beyond? Do you prefer rolling, taking the average, or the better of the two? Thanks.

Looked like everyone else had rolled, so I just prerolled level 2 and 3 HP (so I can pre-plan the partial level tiers).

Yeah, that's why I am asking too. Actually, though, I think only two of the three original players that posted their hp appear to have rolled? One seems to have taken the average. I might guess Ariel gave us the option of either rolling or taking the average, but... never hurts to ask.

Lol, indeed.

Btw. Starhawk, and everyone else who will deal with Awarthannen sooner or later, of course his sarcastic and cutting statements are purely for roleplaying the character well. Zero offense intended, and feel free to bite back (I will take zero offense). He won't always be this bad, he's just not exactly in a good mood after what's happened to him, lol. He also gets frustrated when he's not in control, exacerbating his anger all the more.

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