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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hi all,

My name is Phil and I am new both to the site and play by post, so I've got a fair bit of learning to do. But I'm looking forward to it! I starting playing D&D way back with Basic D&D and played through to 2e, at which point most of my friends had given it up, so I did to.

Now, my son has gotten interested in the game, and it's rekindled an old passion. I've really enjoyed seeing how the game has evolved in 5e and have been playing and DMing a fair bit (although not enough - never enough).

I look forward to learning a lot about the site and hopefully playing some fun games!

Welcome, @lemonstyx! You’ll find we have a very active D&D community here, including Adventurer’s League. My background is similar to yours, and I have really rediscovered my love for the hobby on this site!

Thanks, @Shambala! It's amazing how kids can help you relive your childhood while simultaneously making you feel old, isn't it?

I look forward to learning more about the site and getting into some games!

It really is. She went through a She-ra and He-man phase, as well.

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