Magic and stunt rules

Ideas here come from edubs with a few changes here and there.

Spells are organized into Schools , each associated with two specific Skills as noted in parentheses. Spells represent abilities that enhance different Actions with one of these skills.

Each Spell grants a bonus for an Overcome/Create Advantage, Attack or Defense Action with a given Skill, or for any use of a Skill within a narrative context. The recipient of the bonus is the target. When the target is the caster of the spell, the casting does not take a separate Action, it is simply part of the Action that uses the bonus. This includes all Attack spells. If the target is someone other than the caster, the casting of the spell uses the caster’s Action for that Exchange. This bonus is usually either a flat +3 or +2 and a temporary Aspect that may be invoked for 1 Fate Point for an additional +2. Some spells create a new context for Action with a Skill or a rules exemption, usually conferring a slightly weaker bonus. Like weapons, Spells usually inflict 1 extra Stress if that Stress is Mental rather than Physical.

After each use of a Spell, the Sorcerer or Magician must make an additional Will (Discipline) Overcome Action against an Opposition equal to the number of Spells cast previously in the same scene, except for elemental blast spells which merely adds a elemental descriptor to the blast and does not count as a spell cast as far as this calculation is concerned i.e. (+0) for the first Spell cast in a Scene, (+1) for the second, etc. If the caster fails this Overcome Action, they take 1 box of Mental Stress per Shift.

A mage can use any two skills as a base , and call the school anything he wishes. I decided not to use specializations of any kind. If you want to build a Knight Enchanter off the bat you can.

Non-magical stunts are handled the same way except there is no check and they can be used at will for no cost. This is because they are more limited as the effects aren't as powerful as spells. Mages can have non-magical stunts and not all stunts have to be combat related. It would be good to see people have at least one stunt unrelated to combat although that won't be require. .