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'Lo, you can call me Teddy.

I'm interested in 5e - a friend kept talking about volo's guide and xanthar's guide and uh it got me really interested in d&d in a way I haven't been in a while. I'm used to playing thread based rp with friends on discord but its been a long time since I've done d&d. So I guess I'm a bit of a newb and I have pretty bad anxiety which is why this is GREAT because I signed up for a game in a comic book shop and couldn't go but I'm more or less always on my phone so I can totally do this!!

Uh... Guess... Idk that's it? I'm going to go nose about the sight and figure things out - looks like there are guides and stuff everywhere which is nice.

Feel free to chat at me, I'm sorry to bug, and thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Okay no wait question. How strict are these backgrounds/ personality traits / bonds and stuff they suggest? Can I just... Change it a little?

Welcome aboard.

PBP is a little different than tabletop, but works great for those who don't have gaming groups near them, or little time to play. Make sure you read the New to Play By Post section. It does a good job of explaining the differences.

5E is one of the really popular systems here. It isn't unusual for a game to get 10-20 applications. Each GM will have different requirements for building characters. Some will stick very close to the books, others will allow more leeway. The character creation guidelines for each game will be within the actual game's forum.

You can view what games are recruiting in the Games & Ads section. Along the left is an index of the different game systems recruiting. If you do not get selected for a game right away, you can always ask the GM if they will add you as a reader so you can read along and see how the game is played by post, and the style of the GM and the other players. You can also ask the GM if you can be put on 'reserve' if another player drops out.

While you are waiting to get in a game, find other topics here that interest you and discuss, them. If there is a system you don't know much about it, ask questions about it. If there is a topic being discussed, get in on the conversation. This will help you get known around here.

Most of all, have fun!

As I mentioned before, modifying backgrounds, traits, bonds is something you will have to talk to individual GMs. IMHO, they are guidelines if you don't have ideas for your character's background.

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