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Co-DMs for a homebrew campaign?

Co-DMs for a homebrew campaign?

Hey guys, I have a nice campaign for D&D 3.4 with a well thought setting and a good plot, but I know myself and it's unlikely I'd be able to stick to it and DM it from start to finish. I actually tried to run this once and it fell flat on its face, but I really want to complete it cause I think it is a good story. SoI thought, why not get some help and run it together with some other DMs?

The campaign world resembles a mish mash of Thieves World, Warhammer Fantasy, Dark Sun and probably some other influences I could not identify.
Players are limited to low tier classes.
The plot is divided in 3 acts, each one raising the stakes. Each should occupy the players for roughly 3-4 level, carrying them from level 2 to around level 12-13.
As I said, the system is D&D 3.5, but with some work it could be ported to 5e.

If you like the idea and are interested in co-dming this, just write it down here so we can discuss it.

Just someone who'd like to help with DM duties. If there's two or three DMs, we can discuss between us the general plot and the possible developments, share some ideas for interesting encounters and then work together in running the story.
A thing I find interesting is that DMing would become more interesting, because if players throw a curve ball the DM has to improvise, and other DMs will have to adapt to whatever was done.

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