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DDAL6-01 Part 1 An Unassuming Find


Erevan Laelithar
NG, Wood Elf Druid

After the battle Erevan picks some berries from a bush on the side of the road, then clasping them in his hands he utters some ancient elven words. He eats a number of them and looks remarkably better, then goes around passing them out to others who were injured.

"Here, have a couple. Should take some of the pain away."

KhundrukarNaivara, you relate what you recall of the legendary stronghold.

The great dwarven smith, Durgeddin the Black, founded the secret stronghold within a great underground cavern system two hundred years ago when he and his clan were driven from their home by a horde of orcs and trolls. The orcs discovered the location of Khundrukar, Durgeddin's home, a century ago when they captured one of Durgeddin's clansmen. The orcs raised a great army that stormed the stronghold and slew the dwarves there, allowing the stronghold's five levels to fall into ruins. Now goblins, orcs and other monsters use the ruins as a base, but legends tell of the extraordinary blades Durgeddin forged in anger that still remain, lost in the ruins.

Naivara Xistsrith
LN, Female High Elf Fighter
HP: 20/20 | AC: 15 | Init: +3 | PP: 13 | Spd: 30 ft.
HD: 2/2 | Action Surge: 1/1 | Second Wind 1/1

Naivara efficiently downed a dense bar of compressed fruits and nuts before answering the tiefling.

"You could say that."

She gave a quick overview of Khundrukar's history to the others as she rechecked her equipment and packed her bag.

Returning to the space around the now-dead fire, she waved a hand and a large square of dirt became smooth. A rough sketch mirroring the map etched itself into the dirt, with text and images appearing to match her words.

"Seems our friend here was looking for Khundrukar. Last thing he wrote says he thought he found it. At least, thought he found a way in without hacking his way through orcs. My staggering intellect is telling me it's probably this big fat X by the Stone Tooth.

"Me personally, I think it's worth a look. We're here to check out bandits. We just got attacked by bandits of a sort. They had this guy's stuff, so stands to reason they came from where he went. And he probably went there."

The X in the dirt dug itself deeper to emphasize the point.

Ryn Ravenwood
NG | Male | Half-elf | Cleric 1
HP 10/10 | AC 18 | PP 14 | Spell Slots 1st 2/2
Init +2 | Speed 30 | Conditions: None

Ryn lights up at Naivaras tale, “Fascinating, I had heard of Khundrukar of course, but I had not thought I would see it. I would very much like to, so I agree with Lady Xis...Xist, Lady Naivaras‘ sound logic.” Gesturing for the journal he asks, “May I?”

Loar Brightrune
NG, Male Goliath Wizard
: 14/14 : 0 Conditions:
AC: 12 Saves: 3 | 2 | 2 | 4 | 1 | -1
: 9

Slots Available - 1st: 2/3

Waking late and studying for the day, the big man performs a ritual while the others discuss. when he joins them, he has a new companion with him - a large weasel. Loar decides to humor the fighter. "A fine observation. Perhaps something to look into."

Hemlock Darthdale
NG, Female, Human, Fighter

AC 16 HP 13/13 Passive Perception 14 Second Wind: 1/1

Hemlock thanked Erevan for the berrys when he offered them. She then took the time to tend to her two blades, cleaning them, with due care and returning them to the safety of their scabbards, all the while listening in to the other.

Sounds as good a place as any to try next she agreed with a nod.


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