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Why is it apparently SO hard for firearms in roleplaying games to be balanced against melee weapons and spells? I've yet to see a single tabletop game that managed to have firearms in it without them either being massively underpowered, massively overpowered, or at least having that be the common consensus in the community. And since I'm making yet another tabletop game that has both melee weapons and firearms, I'm concerned that there's a factor at play here that isn't strictly about the actual weapons themselves. And if there is another factor, in particular if there's a factor in campaign design or player psychology, what can I do about that? CAN I even do anything about that?
Because any attempt to put guns into a fantasy game is met by two dueling choruses of complainers: Those who complain that your gun rules don't accurately reflect how SUPR DEDLY guns are and have a 27-point dissertation proving how much better they should be, and those who complain that you're even putting guns in their fantasy game at all. Games that try to appease the first group make them too powerful, games that try to appease the second group make them too weak. The "common consensus" is largely based on which group of complainers is more prevalent in the game's fan base.

You get pretty much the same situation with the katana, incidentally.