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Felix "Lex" Oakley, Scion of Loki

Felix "Lex" Oakley, Scion of Loki

Momentum Tracker: 2/5

Felix "Lex" Oakley; Who Lied to Fate
CONCEPT: Stage magician who never got their letter

Divine Parent: Loki (Aesir)

  • Short-term: Vengeance (Fight Fire with Fire)
  • Long-term: Conviction (I refuse to apologise for my nature)
  • Band term: Courage (Protect Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Completed: Deception is an Art

  • Origin Path:
    Lex was a trash can baby – abandoned on Annie Oakley drive when they were a few months old. The St Juno's Ranch for Children took them in and named them – Felix, because they were lucky to be found, and Oakley, after the street they were found on. A problem child from the start – almost as soon as they could walk, Lex learned all the ins and outs of the orphanage, escaping whenever the opportunity raised its head, and only going back when on the edge of starving, or someone caught them shoplifting. From a young age, they got to know the flip-side of Vegas – the tired streets during the day, the poor scrounging in the alleys behind the Strip, the hookers, the crooks and the pawn shop owners, and they taught Lex how to cut a deck, hotwire a car, and where to hit a man if he’s coming at you in an alley.
    Back-alleys and bordellos
    • Skills: Athletics, Subterfuge, Pilot
    • Connections: Urchins, prostitutes, low-end crooks, pawn shops
    • Condition: Lex has a bit of a rap sheet – no jail time, but a number of minor offences. Spending too much time with the criminal element draws the attention of the cops.
  • Role Path:
    By sixteen, Lex had abandoned the orphanage for good, got themself a fake ID and started turning tricks – mostly card tricks, although there were a few desperate times and desperate measures. They worked their way up from street corners, to flairtending in strip clubs, to a ritzy gig entertaining in one of the big casinos – until they got busted for counting cards in their time off. Now they work in the Smoky Eyes Cabaret, and it’s a much better fit: bursting at the seams with glitter and smoke, feathers and mirrors, it feels like a little piece of home.
    That Vegas magic
    • Skills: Subterfuge, Occult, Empathy
    • Connections: Glitterati, High Rollers and Low, People in the Biz
    • Condition: Something happens at the Cabaret that requires his attention – from mobsters running a racket to high rollers looking for a show.
  • Society/Pantheon Path:
    Lex’ mother is Loki, and the trickster god’s mark on them is stronger than most, maybe because of the months they spent with them before they wound up in that dumpster. Lex can barely stand being the same person for more than a few hours at a time – every night, on-stage or off, they’re adopting a new, extravagant alter ego, dabbling in drag, or seeing how many people they can convince they’re a Kennedy or a Kardashian. Vibrant and fluid, and everything they do is outrageous to the point that it feels like magic. But, Loki is ‘misunderstood’ for a reason, and Lex didn’t just inherit their mother’s good qualities. Always looking for more from the world, Lex found their way to the edges of the Underground early, but that almost makes it worse – they knows that magic is real, they can even touch it, but the magic of cultists and collectors is bland and hoarded in dribs and drabs – nothing like the lightning sizzle of multicoloured fire that haunts Lex every time they close their eyes. Nevertheless, like an alcoholic in a bar with nothing but flat, warm beer, they can’t give it up. Trickster spirits recognise themm as kind, occultists share bunk spell formulae in night clubs and their bloodline is an open secret.
    The apple didn't fall far
    • Skills: Occult, Close Combat, Culture
    • Connections: Trickster spirits, occultists, the Underground
    • Condition: Someone recognises them - by bloodline or reputation - and makes assumptions or tries to blackmail them.

SHEETAttributes: Might 1; Dexterity 4; Stamina 2; Intellect 4; Cunning 5; Resolve 3; Presence 2; Manipulation 5; Composure 2

Skills: Subterfuge 5 (Lies); Athletics 4 (Throwing); Occult 4 (Fate); Empathy 3; Pilot 2; Culture (2); Close Combat 1; Integrity 1; Technology 1

Fatalism Neutral Audacity

Innate Purviews:
You have a personal fate that you know you are destined to meet. This might be a death whose circumstances mirror those of your divine parent’s fated doom in Ragnarok, a betrayal by those closest to you, the failure of an ambition, or some similar dramatic downfall. Whenever you encounter narrative difficulties that advance your fate or echo its circumstances, or because you are trying to avoid your fate, add 1 Momentum to the pool.
Fate: 'The Maker Of Their Own Undoing"
Innate Power: Other characters face a +3 Complication on all Empathy rolls and Assess Attitude rolls against you. If they don’t spend enough successes to overcome the Complication, you choose the result they get.

Other Innate Powers:
Innate Power: You and your personal belongings cannot take damage or suffer any form of harm from fire, heat, or smoke inhalation. You can walk through wildfires or industrial microwaves unharmed, swim in magma for as long as you can hold your breath, and perform similar feats of fireproof heroism. Extreme cold is likewise harmless to you.

Cost: Imbue 1 Legend
Duration: Indefinite
Range: Medium
Clash: Manipulation + Legend vs. Cunning + Legend
Action: Simple
You create an illusory image of a person, animal, or object, up to the size of a car. The illusion is lifelike and seems completely authentic — a person breathes, a car’s engine throbs, a fire gives off heat — but it has no physical substance and cannot exert force or cause harm. It can move, but must remain within this Boon’s range. A non-trivial character who wins the Clash of Wills can see through the illusion. Attempts to touch or physically interact with an illusion go right through it, letting anyone who sees this recognize it as unreal in the absence of extraordinary circumstances.
Cost: Free
Duration: One session
Action: Complex
Once per session, you may perform a divination by casting runes etched onto stones, strips of bark, or other objects in a ritual that takes a handful of minutes to complete. The Storyguide gives you a lead or a clue (p. XX) about what will happen in the near future (i.e. what they expect to happen in the current session).
If you use a Boon or marvel later in the same session, and the Storyguide agrees that it will help in bringing about the foretold events, you may draw on the divination to waive the cost of imbuing or spending a single point of Legend. Each use of this Boon only provides this benefit once.
Cast the Runes

Calling: Liminal 2, Trickster 2, Creator 1
Keywords: Outsider, Change, Liar, Thief, Shaper,

When you make a close combat, thrown, or ranged attack, you gain access and 1 Enhancement to apply any of the following Stunts to your action, in addition to the default set:
Glimpse the Other Side (any successes above Defense): Make a Clash of Wills. If the target fails, they are removed from reality (leaving play entirely) until the start of their next turn. They roll initiative as normal and reappear where they were standing on their action. An opponent removed from reality in this way cannot be targeted by any actions until they reappear.

Stutter Time (any successes above Defense): You force the target of your attack to suffer a penalty to their Initiative equal to the successes you spend on this Stunt. This pushes a fast opponent further down the initiative roster. If you are targeting an opponent who has already gone, they take this penalty at the start of the next turn.

Bend Space (any successes above Defense): Reduce the target’s Range by 1 for each success spent on this Stunt, to a minimum of Close, which lasts until the end of the target’s next action.
Send a message via another person — a stranger you choose on the street, a spirit or ghost of your pantheon, etc. — to someone in an instant, which can be done even if you are not present in the World, or somewhere else where a simple text or email might not reach.
Unnerring Delivery,
When you disguise yourself, you do without needing to roll. You have the option to change your hair, skin, and eye color, apparent gender, and height within a few inches, but cannot assume the exact appearance of someone else. The disguise cannot be seen through, though your mannerisms and turn of phrase may give you away. At Storyguide discretion, Knack Skill rolls may be required to blend in.
In Sheep's Clothing,
Once per scene, when you would be Taken Out, you instead spend Momentum, negate the damage that would have taken you out and move one range band away from your attacker — but leave behind a brief afterimage of your outline, which crumbles into dust seconds later.
Smoke and Mirrors,
When you take apart an object, you instantly gain an understanding of how to rebuild it, or create new versions.
Reverse Engineer,
Having a touch of divinity, the Scion has an innate sense of anything divine nearby. With a sniff or a knowing listen, they can detect another Scion of a particular pantheon. This is involuntary and inconsistent. If Purchased using a character knack, this is consistent and considered to be on at all times.
Scent the Divine,
Make a Knack Skill roll and with any successes, make an exact copy of yourself. The copy has all your Attributes and Skills, Knacks and Boons, and is controlled by you. This doppelganger may be sent to perform any social or investigative task independently of you, though you are aware of the outcome (and the player is free to roleplay her character in two places at once). It cannot benefit from teamwork actions and dissipates into dust if attacked. Otherwise, the copy lasts for a number of days equal to your Trickster Calling.
Relic: Runestones of Frozen Fire (1)
  • +1 General Enhancement (Lucky)
  • Access to a Purview (
    Roll 1d100
    (1-9): Fire,
    (10-18): Fortune,
    (19-27): Frost,
    (28-36): Stars,
    (37-40): Artistry
    (41-44): Beasts,
    (45-48): Beauty
    (49-52): Chaos
    (53-56): Darkness
    (57-60): Death
    (61-64): Fertility
    (65-68): Forge
    (69-72): Health
    (73-76): Journeys
    (77-80): Moon
    (81-84): Order
    (85-88): Passion
    (89-92): Sky
    (93-96): Sun
    (97-100): Water
    Extra Likely: Fire and Frost ('runestones of frozen fire'), Fortune (because the stones are a tool of prophecy), Stars (Just the general associations with cycles, divination prophecy and destinies seemed fitting, and it made the numbers work).
    NOT: Deception (the Fates do not lie), Epic Abilities (Don't fit the Motif), War (the path of the seiđmenn is mutually exclusive with the path of the warrior).
    random), Motif: Twine the strings of fate and seiđr
  • Flaw (-2): One Function (purview access) is randomised, depending on how the runes are cast.
  • Flaw (-1): The relic requires an action to activate (cast the runes) after which it functions for the rest of the scene.
These runestones were crafted by Loki’s mother, Laufey in the depths of Jotunheim. Although not much is known about the enigmatic giantess-goddess, some people believe that she is actually a fire giantess – it would explain why flames seem to flicker in the heart of these runestones. Loki gave them to Lex when they realised their scion's ambition to be a seiđmenn – although all that Lex knows is that they turned up on the dresser one morning, and has no idea what they’re made of.

Rellic: iGjallar Smartphone (1)
  • Knack (1): Knack: In addition to all the functions of a normal smartphone, the iGjallar has crystal-clear reception no matter where the Scion goes and never loses signal except when brought to realms that have no connection to the Overworld or other locations sacred to the character’s divine benefactor. With it, the Scion can call anywhere as long as there’s a phone or similar device on the other end to receive it.
Description: One of the gifts from Lex's Visitation, this smart phone is rather unassuming - aside from being really fancy tech. The magic is in whatever provides the service coverage - the phone can call, or text, anywhere, so long as you have the right number.

And the first number saved in this phone - and likely worth far more than the Relic itself? Loki's, with a standing admonishment to keep in touch.

Relic: Skin Changer Hide (3)
  • Tags (1): Innocuous, Soft (2)
  • Knack (2): Can
    Cost: Spend 1 Legend
    Duration: One scene
    Subject: Self
    Action: Simple
    You take on a form that is symbolically associated with one of your other Purviews. For example, Zeus drew on the associations of the Sky Purview to become all sorts of birds, a shower of gold, and a bull (which sounds a great deal like thunder, up close). This transformation is perfect in the details and undetectable through non-magical means, but doesn’t alter any of
    your Attributes, Skills, or other traits. However, depending on the form you assume, you can gain the following benefits:
    • +1 Scale on all actions with a single Physical Attribute of your choice
    • Any special forms of movement that shape possesses.
    • Any natural attacks that shape possesses.
    • Any miscellaneous abilities the Storyguide decides the shape should have, like a cloud being able to rain.
    Change Shape as per the Metamorphosis Boon.
Description: This set of clothes is ill-defined in form, possibly it changes with the wearer's mood, definitely it has a dash of the young Mick Jagger vibe. It's also enchanted with spells for protection, but that is still trivial. These clothes allow the wearer to change shape. And that is what Lex has always wanted, more than anything.

Follower: Skylar, (3)
  • Path (Origin/Secondary): Totally Normal Girl; Athletics, Pilot, Close Combat
  • Path (Role/Tertiary): It's a Hard Rock Life; Culture, Technology, Leadership
  • Path (Pantheon/Primary): Am I a Denizen or a Hero now?; Close Combat, Occult, Culture
  • Tags: Knack (Guardian Calling,
    Choose a person or group of trivial targets to be your charge. When you guard your charge, you both gain +1 Defense so long as you stay in the same range band. You also gain +1 Enhancement to rolls to keep track of or defend your charge.
    A Sentinel), Defensive, Access (Valhalla?)
  • Pools: Close Combat 8 (Sword+Board), Culture 7 (Rock), Occult 6, Athletics 5, Pilot 5, Technology 4, Leadership 4
  • Defense: 3, Initiative: 5
Description: Skylar's mother is a Valkyrie, and as such, Skylar spent most of her youth trying to have a normal childhood with the mortal children in the neighbourhood, while her mother was trying to train her for her duty as a Chooser of the Slain. This lead to tension, which lead to Skylar running away to join a rock band and live her best punk rocker rebel life - which is harder when no-one will book you for a gig.

And then, right as things were looking dire, Loki showed up with an offer, and a bombshell: turns out that Skylar isn't just a Denizen playing Human - she's a Scion, a nascent Hero, the daughter of Heimdall. And if she's willing to take some time out of her days to keep an eye on one of Loki's scions - a redhead who she's seen around the cultclub scene, and whose chin she is weirdly fond of - then Loki will wrangle her a Visit. And everyone wants to book a band with a Hero.

Guide: Master Stoorworm, the Little Dragon (3)
  • Connections: Drakes, Dragons and Serpents, Treasure Hunters
  • Invocation: Master Stoorworm may, occasionally, be beseeched to temporarily loan Lex one of the lesser items from his hoard.
  • Asset Skills:
    Master Stoorworm hoards knowledge much like he hoards treasure - which is why Lex went to him in the first place.
    Even diminished, the raw, physical might and grace of a dragon is not to be underestimated.
  • Purview: Fire
  • Motif: Magic is wrought with words and fire
  • Stunt (2 successes) :
Whatever domain or culture dragons are associated with, they are always seen as unrivalled. Calling on this excellence, you roll twice for the next roll you make and keep the better result
Copying the Ifa Diviner guide stunt
Description: Once a mighty monster of Celtic myth, Master Stoorworm fell afoul of a Scion of Lugh
or possibly Loki - see Note
* and had his much of his legend stripped away. Now, he is an emerald and gold-scaled dragonet of the approximate size and demeanour of a very large housecat. He is one of the more influential collectors in the Underground, although his existence there is treated more as rumour than fact. Lex won a measure of favour – and interest – from the dragon by bringing him seven unique things, and in exchange, Stoorworm is teaching Lex how to breathe fire.

Note: the Stoorworm is a Celtic cognate for Jormundgarmr and Assipattle, the hero that killed him, has been related to Askeladd, who is in turn also linked to Loki. Further tying the Celtic myth to Norse roots - the sword Assipattle received as part of his reward, Sickersnapper, was inherited by the king from Odin. Source

Defense: 3

  • Bruised
  • Injured
  • Maimed
  • Taken Out

Master Stoorworm
Lex stared at the unassuming door in front of him, heart pounding, trying to tell himself that he was excited, not afraid. Behind that door, if rumour was to be believed, lived a dragon. Not one of the greater Wyrms, maybe - although having done his reading, Lex wasn't so sure that had always been true, and either way, he wasn't about to say it to the dragon's face.

But this was it. A chance at real magic. If he could impress Master Stoorworm enough, he'd never have to go back to begging bogus rituals off wannabe-mages in pretentious cultclubs again. And he's great at making friends - so the dragon probably won't eat him...

Wiping his hands on his jeans, Lex knocks three times on the door, and shivers as it swings open noiselessly. Hefting the carefully packed leather bag over his shoulder, Lex steps into the dark corridor beyond.

It's almost a full minute of carefully navigating that dark, winding passage, moving steadily downhill, until he's sure he's deep underground - and less than sure that he's still technically in the World - before Lex sees a light, a glittering golden glow that quickly opens up into a large, lavishly furnished chamber that can only be described as a lair.

His mouth falling open slightly, Lex takes in his surroundings - decadent leather sofas, an enormous hardwood desk, and dozens upon dozens of shelves, bookcases and glass-fronted cabinets make up the underlying structure of the lair, almost reminiscent of the smoking room of an old gentleman's club, but overlaying that are piles of gold and jewels, carelessly heaped on the furniture; the bookcases hold occult texts and ancient treatises - in one of the display cases is a damaged manuscript with a little plaque that claims it is an original Shakespeare script, on a shelf is a series of encyclopedias on the ritual practises of the Thirteen Pantheons; the walls are hung with ancient and modern art that probably could sell for millions of dollars apiece - Lex recognises a sketch that he's pretty sure was drawn by da Vinci, and one of Monet's studies of water lillies, next to a weird, abstract sculpture - and the shelves are strewn with artefacts that makes Lex's skin tingle just to look at them - swords, amulets, scrying crystals, a brown seal fur and a feathered cloak, harps, flutes and instruments that Lex doesn't recognise.

It is enough that it takes a few minutes for Lex to realise that despite all the wealth, he doesn't see the dragon. Looking around again, the young stage magician startles as the chair behind the enormous hardwood desk in the centre of the room moves, and a sinuous, scaled form slides out of the cushioned seat and onto the desk to peruse a book laid open there.

Master Stoorworm does not greet Lex, and the only sound in the room, aside from his own breath is the rustle of paper as the dragon turns a page. Master Stoorworm is also the size of a cat.

Swallowing, Lex steps forwards, holding out his bag of offerings as he launches into his carefully prepared speech, only stumbling a little.

M-Master Stoorworm... I seek audience and apprenticeship with your august personage. I have brought gifts in tribute and offering.

Approach. The tiny dragon cocks his head, but the voice issuing from it's mouth, and the emerald eyes that regard Lex are ancient and deeper than the night sky.

Stepping forward, Lex lays the bag on the table, and with a flourish pulls out the first item of seven - a lucky number, and from what Lex has managed to find out, a number that this dragon seems to have a fondness for.

I have seven things for you, mighty Master Stoorworm. Lex says, hiding the first object in his hands. Seven unique trinkets to please you. The first, is a flower marked with a maid's first kiss. With a flourish, Lex produces a fresh rosebud, with a distinct lipstick stain on one of the petals. He'd spent weeks seducing Emily to set this up - a young woman so desperate to escape the high school stigma of 'dateless wonder' that it made her impossibly aggravating to talk to - and now he was going to either have to break her heart, or spend who knows how long subtly convincing her to dump him.

The second, a blade used to give life and take it. Lex lays down the rosebud, and pulls out a surgeon's scalpel that he stole from the local hospital - one that he knew for a fact had been used in an organ transplant surgery, and which he'd used to kill a rat in his apartment a few days ago. Six drops of blood - three from the transplant patient, three from the rat - stained the blade with russet blossoms.

The list goes in, similar contrivances that could be wonders if you squint right - like the leprechaun's coin, bound to permanence by one if the least Kami and won fairly in a wager. Things that someone like Lex could get his hands on without having to commit grand larceny, but still had the sort of value that might entice a dragon.

And a leaf that has been falling for a year and a day.

The silence stretches as Lex lays the last item down - a glass bottle with an autumn leaf suspended on a trapped breeze - one of the few rituals Lex had that actually worked.

The dragon eyes the offerings, still not saying anything as Lex discretely wipes his hands on the insides of his pockets. The last person to seek an audience with Stoorworm hadn't been seen since...

You have one hour of my time. Lex jumps as the dragon speaks. Ask your questions. After that, we shall see.

Skylar, Rainbow Rider

Skin-changer's Hide aka Woobie Lex was born in am Irish Terra Incognita, child of Loki and a Celtic shapeshifter witch - some would have called him a Cait Sith, but he wasn't fae. The next two seasons were spent in a sling on Loki's back, travelling the World tree, from hidden place to hidden place to avoid the eyes of the gods. However, that is an impossible place for a child to try to grow up - in that close proximity to a god, Lex would most likely have been subsumed as a prop of Loki's legend under the weight of Fatebindning. And Frigga was catching up.

Hence, dumpster. But baby Felix had adapted to that intensity of magic (or maybe their soul remembers), and the World has always felt like a shadow of reality by comparison. To make matters worse? The swaddling sling was Lex's first Relic and a birthright in every sense of the word - a skin-changers hide to allow Lex to shift forms when Loki was in a situation where it would be problematic to be seen carrying around a human baby.

But, a relic like that isn't something you can leave with a baby you want hidden, so Loki kept the hide when they abandoned Felix, and (like every swanmay or selkie who had their skin stolen in myth) Lex has always felt the lack of it, even without understanding precisely what was missing.

The sling was also Lex's first birthright when Loki came back, now fashioned into clothes by Eitri the dwarf, and it's a good thing that they're so thoroughly enchanted, because there is every chance Lex is never taking them off again.

Runestones of Frost and Fire
The Runes





Epic Attributes


Not a Birthright
By the time they were ten hands deep, Lex was pretty sure that the gods seated around the table were humoring the little Scion on a Visit. Which was annoying, but the stories were too good to care. So instead, they started playing another game - an extra layer in the flow of chips and cards. With a swipe of their thumb, they'd marked one of the chips with smudged eyeshadow, and started trying to lose it to every god at the table and win it back.

And they humored that as well - after the first few hands, that smudged, 20 cent chip is in every pot, and at the end of the night, when Lex gathers up their deck and slides it back into the box, that chip goes with it. A souvenir - a little piece of Terra Incognita, a lucky charm, and the story of the night - all compressed into a little piece of plastic.


Mitsuki Yoshida (吉田 美月)
Path: The apple doesn't fall far
Permanent Rating: 1
Tags: Influential

Mitsuki is a friend and occasional lover. She's a one-tailed kitsune who went wandering to 'see the World' a few decades ago, and fell in love with the glitz and glamour of Vegas. She's something of a celebrity in the cultclubs, and can usually be found enjoying the attention in the Moon Rabbit Garden - a cultclub dedicated to the Kami (and significant Japanophile demographic among cultclubbers) which blends a hypermodern Harajuku rave aesthetic with a traditional rooftop garden populated with bonsai trees and paper lanterns.

Joey Rodriguez
Path: That Vegas Magic
Permanent Rating: 1
Tags: Influential
Joey is a fire-twirler booked for regular shows at the Paris, and a well-known face around the Strip. Lex knows him from their own year-long stint at the Linq, a friendship defined by friendly artistic rivalry and getting drunk together after work. Joey is a cheerful, fun guy, a tremendous flirt and a bit of a pyromaniac.

HelgaPath: Back Alleys and Bordellos
Rating: 1
Tags: Informant
Somewhere between her late thirties and early forties, and well on the thin side, Helga is one of hundreds of streetwalkers around Vegas. She doesn't dress as provocatively as some of the younger girls - her client base is mainly composed of regulars, who come to her more for a listening ear than anything else. Even after years in this business, she's still kind, and keeps an eye out for the younger girls - and boys.

Deeds and Legends


Other Events

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