Sijan is close enough to be considered a neighbor to the Hundred Kingdoms. For years the Sijanese have been called upon to cleanse the Hundred Kingdoms of Shadowlands from the numerous wars that happen there. This has kept Sijan strictly neutral in dealings with the Hundred Kingdoms, always being there for after war cleanup even if they had done the same for those who had just been slaughtered.

This neutrality may soon be put in jeopardy as one of the powerful Necromancers of Sijan has discovered that his old Solar Partner has learned of him. He is carefully studying her, seeing if an alliance between Sijan and Mai Lan would be more profitable than what is now had. Of course, love and Exalts always seem to change things no matter what direction they take it.

And the Celestial Exalts love hard. Only time will tell if Sijan stays neutral or joins forces with a powerful faction of the Hundred Kingdoms.

Ebon Lacuna - No Moon Lunar

Notable Features: Is an old (150+ years Exalted) Exalt; practitioner of White Reaper style; is a necromancer; totem animal is the scarab; has a Grimscythe called "Crypt Cleaver"