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Post any information here, that could prove beneficial to fellow players unfamiliar with the source material of yours.

About the only one I'm not wholly familiar with is Sindri..

That's fair; I must admit I hadn't heard of him before I began looking for crafters from mythological/story sources. There are surprisingly few who are known for making more than one item. I admit I'm not an expert on Norse mythology myself, but this whole exercise has prompted me to look into it more and it's quite interesting and well worth looking at.

Sindri, as I explained in his page, canonically worked with his brother Brokkr (not present here...yet) to make three rather significant items from Norse mythology. Most notably, Thor's hammer Mjolnir. This was done as a bet with Loki, who claimed Sindri couldn't craft as well as the "Sons of Ivaldi" who'd just made three other important items.

The surviving sources don't seem to give us much insight into the personalities of characters, other than the more notable of the gods, like Thor and (especially) Loki. It's quite possible that information was never there in the first place, given the nature of the stories. I've thus taken some creative license, and invented some details about Sindri based on his actions, and Loki's actions, in the sources we do have.

Edit: One thing of note: Sindri is shorter than most humans, but not as short as a typical D&D dwarf.

Passing on the torch, I'm not familiar with Rico or Quartermain, though I took the liberty of reading the wikipedia pages for their books.

Quatermain, as I'm using him, will be more stylized off of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman variation, since that lends to a more open mind for the bizarre and abnormal. Effectively, he was a big game hunter in Africa who - through his journeys - did many Indiana Jones -like things. Finding King Solomon's mines, fighting a magically empowered midget to try and protect the House of Zulu, such and the like. The books were used for inspiration for characters like Indiana Jones and such. He was the quintessential English Gentleman Explorer delving into the dark and treacherous areas of the world.

The interesting thing about him, however, is that while he's an Englishman, he was born in Africa and has a deep love of that country, more than he does for England. He's also a relatively humble man, being average in looks and charisma, with his one and only major skill being his marksmanship and hunting prowess. His son died serving England, causing him a bit of a bitter resentment towards his homeland, which is amplified by how England treated the African people during the late 1800's. In his later years, he found a painful irony in his hunting game in Africa, as he was killing an increasingly rare set of species, tainting the wild homeland he adores, all because he has no other useful skills to earn a living.

In The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, he pairs up with legendary figures such as Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, Huckleberry Finn (grown up now) and Mina Harker (of Dracula) to stop the coming of a massive war, orchestrated by a masked man whose identity I won't spoil. That's the movie at least. In the books, he has a slightly smaller team and they go to stop a gang-war between Fu Manchu and Professor Moriarty. A great read for sure =D

If you want a quick run-down, watch the movie; it's pretty close to accurate, though Sean Connery is a bit more.. dashing than Quatermain's supposed to be. His personality is accurate though.

Juan 'Johnny' Rico
And just to be clear, NOT the one from the dopey movie!!

Customized, using the Race Builder
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Ht./Wt.: 5'6" 156lbs
Hair/Eyes: Black, Buzzcut / Hazel
Notable Possessions: Gold crucifix belonging to his Mother, who was killed in a bug asteroid strike on his home town. MI Kukri: Simple; Elegant; Deadly. All his other weapons and armour are formed by his newfound powers, conferred on him by the Library.

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Figured the best thing for Rico was to just post the intro post from my app, minus a few mechanical details. For those that dont know, his background is a direct copy/paste from the Wikipedia entry, but the description and personality are my own writing, though, of course, based on the book. If your only exposure to Johnny Rico is the Starship Troopers movie, forget all that. Heinlein's Juan Rico is pretty much nothing like the Casper Van Dean version.

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