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Taking Up the Mantle

Katrina can't help but laugh deeply. She takes a moment to compose herself before turning back to the others. "I am sorry but I can't help but think of Luke as Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern."

Jenn and Luke banter has proved a super effective distraction and Jason isnt going to interrupt Katrina's enjoyment.

With the party formed they are ready to move into the comic con, the place is even crazier with all kinds of costumes, from ninja mutant turtles to captain Kirk, plus robots, monsters and other characters it's hard to identify.

Of course there is a small army of captain america, a few hulk, half a dozen iron man and a Thor that seem to have eaten the real one.
Costumes range from -awful- to -is him the real one?-
There are also several vilains, mostly fictional ones, but a few brave people went for an existing villain costume

Jason facepalm, on his helm "i forgot to take the camera"

Looking around "i'd go get one super quick, ok?"

Katrina nods to Jason as she calms down. "If you need to grab one go ahead, we'll wait right here." Turning back to Luke she smiles quite largely. I am guessing you haven't actually seen the movie?

"I'm not familiar with it, no. I think we're looking at this wrong. I'm not going to know anything, so this is ya'lls opportunity to tell me whatever you want. Like a blank slate and you've got brand new markers."

Jason nod and move back to the crowd, quickly disappearing among the many costumes.

Meanwhile, you have the time to give a look around, there is an area dedicated to sci-fi, another for anime and one for comics,you can buy t-shirts and gadgets here and there, you can also buy food and drink, nothing special, the usual hot dog or sandwich.

If there is something you wish to buy, this is the ideal moment.

"Wow, there is so much cool stuff for sale. Maybe I should get some stuff for myself and my be something for Jason." Katrina pulls out her wallet and eagerly checks the contents, only to have a sour face paper as her eyes roll. "That figures, I have been caught up in so much stuff at school lately, I completely forgot to exchange some of my Rubles for Dollars. It doesn't look like any of these vendors would be inclined to accept foreign currency." She shook her head in an expression of embarrassment and anger with herself for making such a silly mistake.

Katrina's right, nobody accept rubles here, Jason would probably conjure coins on the spot but he isnt here and, checking the clock, he is taking his time, maybe he got distracted, there are many shiny things around.

The three of you notice a crowd gathering around a small stage, about 30 meters from you, curtains block vision and a slighly overweight middle aged man in business suit is talking to the crowd, maybe an announcer, you cant exactly understand him over the buzzing, the comic con is quite chaotic, but you hear the words -charity- and -lottery-

"Well, you guys can shop around if you like. I'm out of options at the moment so I'm going to kill some time by seeing what the commotion is about. We can meet back here when we're all done." Katrina points to the benches right next to the group.

"Luke, you know the guys with costumes that look like they needed more time spent on them? That was that movie. Kat, I mean, I could probably spot you if you wanted. But charity sounds interesting..."


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