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Kingdom Building: Making a new kingdom

Kingdom Building: Making a new kingdom

So with the conflict between good and evil and I do like the ideas of the Liberated Kingdoms. I imagine some kingdoms or some of the heroes would send people or give charter for new group of adventurers to expand or rebuild a kingdom.

Essentially curious which liege would be the most likely to give a fiefdom or land grant or even a charter to get people started on a kingdom? Any recommended location?

I'll use pathfinder for it and I know you aren't familiar with the system, but it's mostly a fluff question, rebuilding or building a new kingdom from almost nothing.

Sure, I get it. I think Naglor Osborn of Dragonspur City in Kelerak would be most likely to do that. King Milon Dukale of Kale is also a possibility. Daven and its rulers have too many problems to be looking outward.

Thanks for the swift response and King Milon Dukale of Kale and having a wilderness region nearby is actually perfect.

Power-wise, he is one of the most established so it would be a good choice. And you're right, Kale gives you the most options in terms of either engaging in the liberation or playing a more traditional D&D style game.

Yeah thinking of participating into the liberation eventually but I imagine at the beginning, the group of adventurer will have to deal with the various dangers of the wilderness, while building their kingdoms and gaining enough resources to participate in mass combats/war against the lords of Sin.

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