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Name Specifics

Name Specifics

Half-elves can have names common for either humans or elves. But what if the father is unknown? say it's an elvish woman who was only with a human man for a short while and no one but she knows who it was (and she wont say for one reason or another). Would the child not have a house name?

Also, do half-elves have Doom Names? And elf or half-elf, is there a place where one might find the names that can be used as Doom Names? Are they like native american names in a way, "nightwalker" is someone who is very stealthy and hunts well in the dark, except if someone had that as their Doom Name it is instead a premonition of a time where the person either will need to move quietly in the dark, or will become a thief, or something else like that?

In the first case the child wouldn't have a house name. Also half elves don't get doom names. To create a doom name, you make it out of elven words. Your example of nightwalker is perfect and would foretell the elf's future.

I mean that a doom name is meant to be enigmatic. It can both tell something about the elf's character and foretells something about their future. So Hamnier's example was workable on all counts.

Your example could be an interpretation too.

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