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First time DM: question on playing clerics and paladins in Farland

First time DM: question on playing clerics and paladins in Farland

Hey folks, im DMing in farland for the first time next week, iv done a small campaign for dnd before but it was a while a go and im still a bit rusty. I'll probably on these forums quite frequently in the next few weeks haha.

The question I have at the moment is some of my players are looking to create a cleric or paladin but I have concerns that it will be very difficult for them to play these characters in the campaign I set.

I'm looking for the characters to enter both the liberated and occupied cities fairly regularly hopefully undetected and I worry that playing a paladin will get them killed in the occupied cities fairly quickly as its pretty much shoot on sight right?

How easy is it to hide the fact that you are a paladin or a cleric of a particular alignment in DND and farland?

Hi! Welcome, and thanks for choosing to set your campaign in the World of Farland. I wouldn't sweat that too much. It is as easy for a cleric or a paladin to hide their alignment as it is for anyone else. Remember, lawful good does not mean lawful stupid or lawful suicidal. A cleric or paladin could easily reason that they are doing their god a disservice by marching in to the evil lands and declaring themselves a cleric or paladin.

Yup not lying does not mean telling the truth. As someone that plays morally ambiguous paladins at times it is certainly doable. Besides you can always go oath breaker :-)

If youve ever read the wheel of time series, the aes sedai are actually incapable of lieing, but they have learned to manipulate what they say so well that people think theyre saying white when they really mean black.

On a simpler note, one of my campaigns has a cleric who wears her holy symbol beneath her armor whenever she's in the occupied kingdoms. She's part of a rebelion based primarily in Zeland, and she makes her way around posing as a traveling merchant (she and her "body guards" need to be well armed in order to protect the merchandise). Technically she is a merchant, and technically they do need to ptotect the cart full of goodies. They just dont mention that they are gathering supplies and gaining support under the table, or that the cart has a magic circle engrained into it so that party members can teleport directly to it (such as the other half of the party trying to gather support in another country).

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