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Character Creation Guidlines

Character Creation Guidlines

Whinehurst - The Pathfinder version of Dark Sun - The D&D 3.5 Version
SRD Psionics Unleashed - Psionic Rules, but note that many of the links don't work well.


Because I know Pathfinder better than 3.5, we are using (mostly) the materials from Whinehurst. When needing additional assistance look to for D&D 3.5 rules. Whinehurst provide a summary of the Pathfinderization of the Dark Sun based on the rules set for Dark Sun 3.5 rules. As with anything that is fan-ported, there will be some hiccups and changes post questions, proposed fixes, and requests in the character discussion. If you're not familiar with Dark Sun and its... eccentricities, I wish you the best of luck!

Starting level 3. We will be leveling up at set intervals within the adventure. Should end the adventure at level 5.

25 point buy, final attribute maximums of 19 unless you get a +4 Racial Adjustment, then maximum 21.

Hit Points
Max for Levels 1 to 3. Roll afterward.

As you will.

Starting Wealth
Average starting wealth for Class in Ceramic Pieces (CPs). See here for info on buying equipment and the nature of weapons in Dark Sun. Take the average starting wealth for the class that you took the most levels of, if you started dipping into multi-class options.

The race list from Whinehurst is definitive; but some changes as noted below. Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Half-Giants, Thri-Kreen, and Pterrans; accepted with minimal changes. The minimal change: Only Dwarves and Muls have Dark Vision, all other races that have Dark Vision listed have Low-Light Vision instead.
  • Halflings - Lose their Magic Resistance if they take any levels of the Wizard Class.
  • Muls - Based on the setting material, we are switching their Attribute modifications to: +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Wis. Sorry of you had a Mul Cleric planned.
  • Aarakocra - Based on the adventure conditions. All Aarakocra PCs are exiles and have the Wing- Clipped Trait.

The Whinehurst class list is definitive except where noted below for Psionic Classes.

Note that Bards are poisoners and alchemists. Wizards have Dark Sun specific Feats and issues regarding Defiling and Preserving. Clerics are linked to the Elemental Planes and have Elemental and Para-Elemental Dominions.

If somehow you find yourself with a Class that has the Swim Skill as a Class Skill; swap it out for Survival, Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Climb, Stealth, Knowledge (Nature) in that order.

The Following Psionic Classes are available: Cryptic, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Tactician, Vitalist, and Wilder. Note Whinehurst's few changes to some of these classes (mostly the swim skill).

EDIT: If you would like to use Unchained Versions of Barbarian and Rogue, feel free. Though you will need to change the skill list (Remove Swim, add the other Skills). Barbarians who have Trap Sense will use Wasteland Trap Sense (lets oyu avoid natual hazards which is good). Likewise, Rogues will get the extra Rogue Talent options.

EDIT: In case your trying to figure out where the cleric weapons on, they are listed with the Elemental Domains, clerics are proficent with all of their domains' weapons.

No major changes here.
The Swim Skill is not a class skill for anyone.
All characters are illiterate unless they take a Rank in Linguistics and select the language: Literate. If they do so, they are literate in all the languages they speak (assuming that language has a written component: Halfling is no longer written, for example).

Add the following feat. If you are so inclined, you may scour the source books for additional feats to propose for inclusion.

EDIT: The rules regarding Feat Tax from The Elephant in the Room will be in effect.

Two traits, select one from the crazy pile of Pathfinder Traits that matches the character design and Dar Sun theme; and one from below:

Black Flame Adventure Traits
  • Urik Caravan Guard - You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (Local) checks and +1 Trait Bonus on Perception Checks; Knowledge (Local) becomes a class skill for you.
  • Veiled Alliance - You gain +1 trait bonus to Spellcraft Checks, and Spellcraft is a class skill for you. If spellcraft is already a class skill for you gain a Level 1 spell scroll. All Templars have a -3 reaction adjustment for you if they know your allegiance. You lose this trait if you ever become a defiler.
  • Tablelander - You gain +1 Trait Bonus to Fort Saves and a +1 to Survival Checks.
  • Tyr Campaign Veteran - You served in the war against Tyr, and gain a metal weapon. You may not have any other traits. Also divide your starting wealth in half.
  • Lost City Raider - You gain +1 on damage rolls to undead and a +1 Save against Fear and Disease effects from undead.
  • Desert Hunter - Gain +1 Trait Bonus on Stealth Checks, and Stealth is a Class Skill for you. If Stealth is already a class skill, gain +1 Trait Bonus on Perception Checks.

Whinehurst and have spell lists for Clerics and Druids, as well as Domains for those classes (check them out). For Arcane Casters they have very limited spell lists, which I wish to expand. The expanded Arcane Spell list is located here.
In general, there is limited summoning, and all extra-planar effects link to the Grey, which for all intents and purposes is the Athenian equivalent of the Ethereal Plane (its not, and spells that access it are a bit strange and twisted - Caster Beware).

Wizards, and other classes that have Spell Books (if any) have the following number of spells in their spell book:
  • Level 0: 3+Int Mod
  • Level 1: 2+Int Mod
  • Level 2: 1+Int Mod
  • Level 3: Int Mod

Using a close to baseline version of Dreamscarred’s Psionics, with a limited number of class options. The Wild Talent Feat is available for characters who want to take it. Knowledge of Psionics is covered by Knowledge (Psionics). Use Magic Device covers the use of Psionic Devices and artifacts.

Psionics and Magic are exclusive of each other, and Detect Magic and Detect Psionics do not overlap.

I don't know much about Path for War. Based on what I have seen, I would be willing to consider the archtypes for other classes (for the approved classes) and the use of stalkers and warlords (considered for the setting story purposes as either gladiators, rogues, or fighters).

The Path of War abilities that use arcane energy or divine/infernal energy are not appropriate for the setting. But the other manuvers and feats are fine.

Made two edits (see first post):

1. Added option for Unchained Rogues and Barbarians. (no monks or summoners in the setting).
2. Using Elephant in the Room Feat Tax system.

This looks great! Kicking around ideas, probably for a Psychic Warrior, maybe Mul or Thri-Kreen. Just to confirm, is the Pathwalker archetype acceptable?

Pathwalker (Wasteland Walker?) Sound good. Great for through kreen and athanian elves.

wow, I haven't seen a Darksun game in a long time, I think my last character was a bardic wizard who's 'spellbook' was encoded in knots and beads on his drum...arcane casters are still reviled right?


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