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De Indole (OOC)

De Indole (OOC)

This is the OOC thread for this game. Please keep things light and civil in here. And, most importantly, let's have some fun!

Hi, I'm quite excited about this game.

So, can I simply start to apply by posting a sheet?
My character may be a good writer (since I want to make her a gently gifted charmingly manipulative sorceress good at mentem magics). Can she trade her books post gauntlet?


You can start generating a thread and doing up your character. You'll see my magus is nearing completion!

As far as trading books...I don't have a problem with you doing that post-gauntlet. However, I am not sure where the rules are on that, or if any firm ones exist. You could always sum it up that you traded x books for Vis using what I've got for Vis Wages at a rate of 2 levels of books per pawn of Vis, but I'd like to see if there are any rules regarding this that are canon. Do you know of a reference for that in the books?


If you want to trade books, I have no issue with that. So let's start hammering out rules for you doing that. Once we get these finalized and we agree that they are fair, I'll add them to the character creation rules.

First, you have to have written the book (summa, tractatus, or lab text). Which means you'll need to spend time during post-gauntlet writing a book to trade before you can trade the book. And I'm assuming you won't write something without making a copy first, so there's that piece of it too.

I want to specifically call out lab texts because, per the canon rules, you automatically generate a lab text for any effect you design. I'm going to rule that you have lab texts for every spell that you know, but you'll need to spend time copying or rewriting them for trade purposes, much the same as if you had to write a summa or tractatus.

Secondly, I'll allow you to trade books for an equivalent level/quality, or if you want a lesser quality/level book I'll allow that. But you cannot take a book you wrote and trade it for one of higher level/quality.

Finally, I will allow you to take any books the covenant already has and spend a season copying them per the canon rules for trade, with the caveat that you must also make copies of the books you receive for the library (which then involves additional time spent in your 3 years post-gauntlet).

Is this fair? Any ideas you have regarding this?

Sounds fair. With my character growing, I'm starting to realize that she will have other stuff on her plate as well to advance her to 3 years pg.

Originally Posted by Gris View Post
btw, do you want me to comment on your mage?
Sure. Because I've got a comment for you.

The purple handkerchief cannot be your wizard's sigil.

Originally Posted by Project Redcap
A Wizard's Sigil is a magical signature in a magus' spellwork, reflecting some combination of his personal style and simple unplanned quirks. Through it, it is generally possible to at least attempt to find out which Magus launched specific spells.
The handkerchief is a personal item, not a signature inside the spell itself.

There are two sigils: The one used for voting - that is the handkerchief
The spell/effect sigil (the one you mean): That's sexiness.

Originally Posted by Gris View Post
That's sexiness
So... people want to **** her rituals?


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