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Originally Posted by GM Saint View Post
I don't want to drop the catch phrase but... if you have to grind to kill bosses, you just weren't good enough at the game.
Weíll have to agree to disagree here . I got to Blighttown before I lost interest in the game. Farming souls is a necessity to progress in the game, and the game itself recognises that with the way that some of the areas are laid out (dragon on the bridge for example).

Itís just not my thing, but as I said I understand why people like it.

The way the storytelling is done rather unique. It very minimalist but if you pay attention to details in areas, it kind of becomes fascinating in a way. Even architecture in games can hints at stuff.
Plus because youíre living the adventure, there is a lot of stuff left out for players to make their decision on. The vagueness allows players to fill in the blanks giving themselves a rather unique ending. What I thought happened to my character my friend thought something completely different with theirs despite us getting the same endings.

The example in bloodborne.
I received the endings in a rather odd order.
I got the umbilical cord ending fist.
Then I got the worst ending.
Then I got the awakening ending.
To everyone else, it is usually the umbilical cord ending which is the best one, but for me, it was the awakening ending.
As it was the last ending for me for my hunter and it felt right.

Dark souls rise.
The endings depending on how much you learn about what is going on it make you wonder if linking the flame is the right answer. As we learn more about the flame and those that have linked it in the past.

I love the lore and the stories, but wasn't good enough at the games to play. So I watch people much better than me play. The STORIES though, oh my god. They're amazing and well done. And so..masterfully put together. I especially love Sister Friede and that storyline.. The way he says, "My flail. Bring me my flail.." it's super haunting and beautiful.


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