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Department of Anomalous Investigations

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Department of Anomalous Investigations

The Department of Anomalous Investigations - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e


Game Description:

Setting: The Eastern/Midwest United States, and various regions in the Americas depending on how events transpire.
1920s and 30s as a time frame, technology is only vaguely more advanced in a few places.

Power Level: 10, those with extraordinary abilities, pregens are recommended if you are not used to the system.

Looking for: A bit of mystery, with elements of Lovecraftian lore, a noir backdrop, and common fantasy tropes. Most of the missions will be comprised of investigations into strange happenings in the United States and abroad. Great and terrible eldritch horrors rising, as well as isolated incidents of insanity begin to reveal a World at the brink of unraveling at the seams.

Starting: Feburary 21st, around 2pm EST.

Somehow, each of you find a letter in your pockets, front door, or other private sanctums from a Dr. Wilbur D. Grim, asking for you all to take the next train or ferry.
Choosing to take the train, they will be seated in an empty cabin, and have a brief conversation about DAI, or the Department of Anomalous Investigations.

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