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5e Homebrew One-Shot

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5e Homebrew One-Shot

Adventures in Galanor - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

I'm looking for four players for a quick one-shot, emphasis on quick. Players will begin at level 5. This adventure is less roleplay focused and more combat oriented. There will be a two posts-per-week minimum but I'd prefer more frequent if possible.

ApplyingThe application period will be short, only a couple weeks long (applications close March 8). This is because I'm not expecting much in an application. A complete application will consist of a thread that contains the following:

• Your character's name.
• Your character's race and class.
• A link to your character’s sheet (preferably on MW.)
• A short writing sample.

You can find the full guidelines on character creation here but you only need what's listed above in the app. Give the thread a glance since some of it's important. There have been additions, removals, and alterations to races, a new elf
Moon elves have a boost to Charisma, an innate magic trait, and proficiency in the Stealth skill.
subrace, and new class archetypes. And a lot of new feats. Don't let all the new stuff overwhelm you! In order to apply, you're not required to thoroughly read through these items:

There's lots of homebrew but that doesn't mean you have to use it!
Homebrew Material
Focus on the additional spell slots, bonus feats, critical hits, and initiative rules.
Rules - Link
Clerics should take a look at deities in order to see who they worship for their domain.
World Information

Post applications in the Application folder. Title it what you'd like and feel free to be creative with formats! Finally, notify me somehow when you'd like your character reviewed.

Thanks for your time! Hope you consider applying!

About MeI've been playing tabletop RPGs for about two years now, mostly D&D 5e but I have dabbled in Pathfinder. As for GMing, I've only been doing that for less than a year so admittedly, I'm not the greatest but am always aspiring to be better. And what better way to improve than experience?

Game Description:

Current Adventure

Mystery at the Dead Cliffs MineThe wagon's wheels rattle on the gravel road as you travel northward. Five days ago you had left the cities, hired by a dwarven mining company to deliver supplies to an operation of theirs near the Dead Cliffs of Rheinhelm. Promised a reward of thirty gold pieces upon your arrival, you continue your journey deep into a forest. It will not be long until you arrive at your destination, perhaps only a day, maybe less.

As the sun sinks below the horizon, the wagon slows to a halt and you begin to prepare camp for the night. The warmth of the fire is pleasant in contrast to the meager meal of trail rations. After snuffing the flames, the first watch is set when the woods go dark. The rest of the party retires to their bedrolls as you settle into a comfortable spot, eyes open and on the lookout for trouble.

A handful of adventures in a homebrew setting.
A little background...Around late November last year, I grew tired of playing 5e in the Forgotten Realms all the time. None of my IRL gaming group knew about other settings, nor did we want to spend the time learn one. To be honest, we probably could've over the time it took me to make this. Too late now! \_(ツ)_/

Anyway, I thought to myself, "Hey, what if I made my own setting?" and created this amalgamation of a world, Galanor. I say amalgamation because I took bits and pieces of inspiration from here and there so there will be some things you may or may not recognize. Galanor is a high magic, classic fantasy realm that contains an abundance of homebrew.

I plan on running multiple adventures (not at once) using the game forum.

DisclaimerThe world is not complete! All it is right now are the bare bones, a foundation if you will. It's also in need of revision since when I began world building, most of it was done late at night in sporadic bursts.

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