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Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
One more thing that has me worried is the height difference. Tom Hardy is a very good fighter, so good job of playing Bane. But he stands at 5'9 IRL. While Christian Bale is easily 6ft to 6'2/. Batman is a large tall man, but Bane easily towered over him in the comics. Hell Bane was even a foot bigger then Killer Croc. So I hope they do the effects right with the stage to make Bane HUGE>
They'll probably use a lot of camera tricks/practical effects to make Bane seem larger/more intimidating than Batman. To reference another comic book adaptation series, Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) is significantly taller than James Marsden (Cyclops). They used some minor camera tricks and spacers in Cyclops's shoes to make Marsden seem a bit taller, though the height difference was never as extreme as the comics.

Given Bane seems prone to wearing big coats and big boots, that might very well be what they're going for. I'm also interested in seeing how they portray this.

(Also, I'm not sure if they ever named her, but Gordon's daughter was with his wife and son at the end of The Dark Knight. Unless they decided to use a different person for Batgirl, she won't be donning a cape and cowl for awhile.)

Originally Posted by L0g41n View Post
Bane for Dark Knight Rising is based in part on the Mutant Leader from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.
Is there any confirmation on this? I've been avoiding a lot of preview material so I'm not sure. If it's just a picture, I honestly don't see a big resemblance, between one having big pointy teeth and one having a mask that gives the impression of big pointy teeth. Bane in general doesn't seem to have a whole lot in common with The Dark Knight Returns' mutants.

I haven't seen the new spiderman movie and a friend suggested it was more based on the Ultimate Spiderman series. That being said is that another case of casting a black character with a white actor then, since the new Ultimate Spiderman is a latino-african american?

Originally Posted by Ryfte View Post
That being said is that another case of casting a black character with a white actor then, since the new Ultimate Spiderman is a latino-african american?
Peter Parker, not Miles Morales.

Though I, for one, fully supported the campaign to have Daniel Glover cast as Peter Parker.

Ehhh...I think you reach a point where it gets silly.

I mean, in all seriousness, sans excuses to rant like Christian Bale, there are just some characters we are used to seeing one way, and it's not 'racist' to expect an actor of that ethnicity to play them. Peter Parker is white. He just is. It would be weird or 'trying too hard' to have someone else to play him.

I'm all for creating more superheroes, and heck, I always had an idea for a Latina superhero I was kicking around. I agree it would be great to have more ethnicities represented. But changing a popular and established character? Eh...I don't think that gets the point across at all; if anything, I think it does the opposite.

Can you imagine if they made Storm and Black Panther white, for example? People would be upset, and they'd have a reason to be. And for any TMNT fans, if you read Baxter Stockman in the comic books, you might realize that he was originally black, but made to be white for fear that having a black bad guy would be perceived as racist (wikipedia was the source for that, FYI, so it could be wrong, I'll admit). While I understand where they were coming from...this is still a 'racist' argument in the sense that a judgement was made based on a character's skin color alone.

Call me someone who thinks that you can go too far in both extremes. Make characters that represent all ethnicities. Make them popular because of WHO they are and what they DO, not because of their skin color (remember that while Superman, Spiderman, and Batman are all white, they beat out a lot of other white superheroes who were forgettable), and fans will grow to love them not for their race, but who they are...which should be the point of not being 'racist' in the first place if we're being intellectually honest. If you don't like the fact that there aren't enough 'minority' superheroes, then get writing. You have a public that (I think) will embrace a well written one. But don't go changing established ones if there was nothing 'wrong' or 'offensive' in the first place.

I for one would love to see a Chinese, Indian, or Japanese superhero that becomes famous for something that isn't martial arts/anime related. What about the African continent? Someone needs to fight the warlord. Mexican heroes that can fight drug lords...and the list goes on. Make these series, make them good, and people will read them, I think, which will lead to movies being made about them (the first Blade, anyone?). Just don't do them on an established character's coattails.


Hack/Slash is a movie comiong out in 2014. Allison Scagiletti from Warehouse 13 is playing Annie Hack.

Poor Tim Seeley has been trying to get Hack/Slash made for the last six years. There's been a Hack/Slash movie coming out "in the next two years" . . . for a long time.

I hope it does get made.

Capice, but not everyone's going to disagree on what characters can undergo a race lift and what can't. To me, there's nothing quintessentially 'white' about Peter Parker, he's an average if not very nerdy teen living in Queens. He could really be any ethnicity without changing a single detail. Contrast that to Bane, who was styled off of luchadore wrestlers and background is firmly set in a (fictional) Carribean country. Hell, to go the other direction, I'd have a hard time seeing a black actor play Bruce Wayne; the Wayne's are depicted as old old money and Bruce's disguise is a wealthy WASP in Gotham's social elite, so it's hard to picture him as anything but a white guy. Not impossible in either case, but it's still a part of their character.

Ultimately, it's not about race-lifting to be trendy or hip, but to get the best actor for the best character. Donald Glover is a well-known comedian who is rather athletic and a great, expressive actor, while being in the right age range for the part. After Maguire, a lot of fans wanted someone who could play up the snarky funny part of Peter's character, and Donald would've done it well. (For what it's worth, Topher Grace was my ideal Peter Parker until he was cast as Eddie Brock... for shame...)

Also, there is some precedence. Daredevil gets middling reviews at best, but most people liked Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. Why? Because he's massive and powerful and imposing. He's the right man for the role. People were (mostly) ecstatic about Halle Berry being cast as Catwoman, before it became clear that the movie was little more than a cheap Crow knock-off. It's not about race, it's about certain actors being a great fit for the job that, like hair color and eye color, for many characters, race just isn't a big factor. That's how I felt about Daniel Glover as Spider-Man, even though I think Andrew Garfield was an excellent choice now that we've seen the outcome.

To avoid us derailing yet another thread, feel free to PM me if you want to discuss it further. I'm pretty sure I have comic recommendations for you.

Eddie Brock Junior. That is who they made him in the movie. Which Danny Glover do you mean? He is a 70 year old man now. Murtagh from Lethal Weapon as Spiderman? I must be missing something.

Sorry, my mistake. I meant his son, Donald Glover. Currently most famous for Community.

He talks about the Spider-Man campaign in his stand-up routine, Weirdo. Worth watching, but track it down since it's NSFW enough that I don't feel up to posting it. It's worth it just for his opinion on who should play a white Shaft.

To me, there's nothing quintessentially 'white' about Peter Parker,
I'd completely disagree, as the 'nerd' stereotype usually applies only to white/Indian/Chinese/etc mostly, but that's just a crazy road. My wife enjoyed Spiderman but couldn't understand why 'gringos can't even formulate a sentence or talk to a cute girl properly'. In jest, but still...she could relate only after 13 years in the US, and even then, she thought it was weird.

I think Little Rudo means Donald Glover, the guy who's (very funny) on the show Community. I like him but see him as as comedic actor. He could be Static Shock, but he's not Peter Parker. Not 'nerdy' in the right way. He's better when he plays a more 'naive' character, and Peter Parker isn't that, IMHO. Though if Aved wanted to be Batman...Hammie might give it a go

Also, Kingpin? He's not exactly what I would call 'Marvel royalty' nor was Daredevil exactly a high movie of the genre. I think it worked, but only because no one knows ANYTHING about Kingpin. MCD is a beast, so people figured it was cool to have a big guy fight Ben Affleck. Plus, it's cool to see Ben Affleck get punched; I was rooting for MCD. Only Ryan Reynolds is a bigger tool (you could build a house out of him).

Also...derailing? When has THAT ever happened????? (I think we get paid to casually disagree, LR )

Let's see...just to keep this on track...

Who is stoked to see if Catwoman essentially becomes 'Batman's sidekick' vs Bane, as some have predicted?

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