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Movies of 2012

Hammerfist, the Black Nerd is an increasingly common trope. And if we're sticking with only highly-reviewed movies, there's Heimdall in Thor, where people were raising a shit until everyone seemed to collectively realize that Idris Elba is amazing. Also, while it's not strictly a superhero comic it's a comic nonetheless: Men In Black's Agent J is white in the comics. The big problem is that movies tend to only be made about A-list superheroes, and A-list superheroes tend to be overwhelmingly white. (Yes, there's Blade, but his movie was a big risk that paid off. I only wish they capitalized on that by following up with a Black Panther movie.) So until either company starts delving more and more into the B- and C-list heroes (which Marvel seems to be working on first, rejoice), it's hard to see any people of color in notable roles in comics. Whitewashing the few that do appear hurts doubly so then.

...and I thought I told you to take this to PM if you wanted to continue!

For better or for worse, Catwoman becoming Batman's sidekick is exactly what it looks like in the trailer.

Personally, I'm most curious if the theories about original character Miranda Tate hold true.

...and I thought I told you to take this to PM if you wanted to continue!
You started it! And continued it

Actually, though, I have heard that rumor, too. The actress has denied said things in an interview, but...well, many people just take that as the 'ah ha' moments of the 'conspiracy theory'.

Yeah, she wouldn't be the first actor to blatantly lie about their identity in a film. Also, .

What does NSFW mean and why did you call me a weirdo? I didn't know Danny Glover had a kid. Also I don't know what community is as I don't watch it.

King Pin would of been good to have John Candy play him. Wilson Fisk is a big fat white guy old money farmer turned gangster.

Not safe for work. Weirdo is the name of the comedy routine I believe.

The Kingpin is fat but also physically formidable, more like a sumo than an old fat guy. No to John Candy. Just plain no. And where the heck did you get the old money farmer idea from, every time they've touched on KP's backstory I've seen, he grew up in one of the bad parts of NY/NJ and came up through the ranks as a gangster/mob guy.

Kingpin was not actually fat. Unlike the Blob, Kingpin was supposedly all muscle despite appearing to be fat. Daredevil came out too soon to have the Kingpin adequately represented. It would take CGI similar to what was in the more recent super hero movies to correctly create the character. *shrug*

Also, Daredevil was actually a primary title / character for quite a while, it simply didn't have the lasting power of the majors, lol. I don't think that was due to the character however, more due to the way the property was handled.

Edit: Funny how similar the king in Brave is to the father / clan leader in How to Train Your Dragon, lol. Different voice actors and what-not but art / design wise... very similar.

No Spoilers Opinion: The first and second acts drag on and feel really disjointed, but there are some great moments throughout. Act Three is fantastic. I hated Bane's voice, loved Catwoman. The resolution was well done.

Overall, great film! A lot of glut that could've been sorted out in the first two acts, but I really enjoyed it.

I liked it. But there were a few things that bugged me:

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