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Movies of 2012

Getting ready to go see Jack Reacher and hoping for the best. The wife put the stop to Django. She almost went for it until Quentin Tarantino came up. After watching Kill Bill with me she refuses to see any of his other movies.

Originally Posted by Melverne View Post
Don't get me wrong. I really liked both movies. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise. But the big reveal at the end of the Avengers for their enemy was more exciting for me than the ending of the Amazing Spiderman.

Yes, Stone and Garfield were truly an excellent on screne match.

The big surprise for me with the Avengers was how much I liked Bruce Banner / Hulk. I knew Robert Downey Jr would be great. I knew I would like Chris Hemsworth. Jeremy Renner was just alright for me.

The Avengers still has a better multiple viewing potential in my opinion. More action and humor less drama and angst.
SNL has a great Hawkeye skit with Jeremy Renner.


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