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Movies of 2012

I like the fact, and it's not really a spoiler, but I'll put it in tags anyway ...

And for those who stayed for the extra scene ...

Originally Posted by MonkWren View Post
Just watched Avengers, and enjoyed Hunger Games earlier this year (not as good as the book, of course). I plan on seeing Dark Knight (woo opening night!), and hopefully Prometheus, Brave, and the Hobbit (cause who doesn't love Sigourney Weaver, Pixar, or Tolkien?).

I should add the AVENGERS WAS AWESOME.
You skipping the Amazing Spider-Man? Looks like it could be really good

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
You skipping the Amazing Spider-Man? Looks like it could be really good
Eh, I'll see it on Netflix or something. It looks good, but I'd rather spend my limited budget on other things.

Sorry, I meant Ridley Scott, not Sigourney Weaver.

I guess I'm the person who has to bring up Rise of the Guardians. I saw the trailer for this movie and as someone who goes to movies with children, this definitely caught my eye. The concept is: Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and The Sandman; together they fight crime! It seems like it will be a riot to watch on the big screen and is definitely on my radar for later this year and is the only movie outside my particular wheelhouse to be on that list (the others are batman, the avengers, and the new spiderman flick)

I had not heard of that, but it could indeed be excellent.

Based on previews seen at the Avengers, Batman should be excellent, Expendables 2 should be big dumb fun (emphasis on big and dumb), GI Joe: Retaliation looks interesting. The only one of those I'll pay the bucks to see in the first run theater is Batman, but I'll probably catch the rest at the dollar theater.

I'm normally not one for movies, but my friends dragged me out and we watched The Avengers in 3D last night. I would have to say that it is certainly one of the better movies I've seen recently. It flowed very well and Robert Downey Junior is cool as usual. I saw the previews to The Amazing Spiderman while I was there; that looks fairly promising, so I might watch that also, though I'll probably wait to see what you all say about it before I do so myself.

Also, I got the ticket for a grand total of $9.

I took the kids to see The Avengers the other day and we all loved it too. The only Joss Whedon effort I was a big fan of was Firefly, but I really like what he did here. I hope he continues to make Marvel movies.

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