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Map of Eruna

Map of Eruna

Here is a new map I just made of the continent of Eruna, south of the continent of Farland. I made it entirely in Adobe Photoshop. Feedback is welcome.

Wow, the geography looks great; the texturing is spot on. I feel some of the text should be smaller and more uniform though. By that I mean only two or three different sizes and colors of text. IT is quite good overall though.

I made a few touch ups based on feedback so check it out now.

Awesome. There are so many places in Farland that I want to explore and so many that I want to avoid at all costs.

You say photoshop and I am incredulous. Does that tool have generous fractal generation? Your map is excellent. Did you make it using your own insight into realistic geography or is that more Photoshop as well? Anyway, from a fan of maps, nice map.

The map was done entirely in Photoshop. I created the terrain using public domain, hand-drawn terrain from the shaded relief archive ( I created that terrain from about 10 different shades reliefs. I'm very proud of this map.

Edit: oh, and lest someone think that creating a new and original shaded relief base layer out of multiple shaded reliefs is somehow "cheating," I challenge the person who might claim that to go ahead and make a comparable map using the shaded relief archive and photoshop alone.

No you did really well. I wan a world generator that allows me to grab the ends of mountain chains and extend or relay them. I want rivers to be generated once mountains are in place and basins to fill (lakes). I'd also like to specify rainfall patterns and have the world adjust terrain colors appropriately. But I'm very demanding.

Yeah, that'd be awesome. I placed the rivers and lakes based on where it seemed to me that they'd be based on the geography.

And you prob already know this, but I learned a lot from the Cartographer's Guild website. I can only dream about being as good as some of the people there.


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