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Galdien, the Immortal Mage of Aelfar

Galdien, the Immortal Mage of Aelfar

In the land of Farland, magic has been studied for as long as can be remembered. There have been several times when magi have gathered together to make concentrated efforts to understand this mystical power. One such gathering took place around 3000 F.R. in the Kingdom of Aelfar. Among the many wizardly scholars and crafters was the Aelfarian mage Galdien.

Galdien had a fascination of the works done by the Dweller of Wintervail. He aspired to tapping into those powers and utilizing them for the forces of light. He made shaky progress at best, for dark magic is a dangerous tool, one which the Aelfarian wizard knew even less about than most other magics.

One day he stumbled upon a discovery, one which might be the key to immortality. His experiments were very promising, and he eventually decided to test it on himself. The result was technically a success, but a before unseen cost turned out to be the loss of his sanity. His deformed mind twisted his senses and his reason. He believed that his fellow magi would begin to torture him in order to learn what he had learned, thus he fled from Aelfar along with many magical items he deemed would be necessary to secure his safety.

He eventually settles on an island in the Selfhaven archipelago, and begins making it impregnable to any approach. By the time he was done, the only truly safe way to reach his island fortress was through a magical door, perhaps Galdienís greatest and arguably only real success. While he couldnít get it to work before his flight from Aelfar, his transformation had bestowed upon him excessive magical prowess, which he used to finish the door. When opened, it created a portal to any location of his choosing.

He developed an insatiable obsession for magic items. He began a mad hunt for rare and magical items which might fulfill his cravings. He raised a huge flock of Magpies to help him seek out the many trinkets he desired. He began a personal collection which he had loosely on display within his island fortress. While he had developed a resistance from the specific effects of the magic from all of these items, but they still continued to affect his mentality.

As he grew older, his magic became stronger, but his body became feebler. His immortality was not perfect. His body was only barely held together by magic. He was still very active and agile, and his body never fell into any form of decay, but his body continued to age. What fuels his longevity is a combination of the ritual he performed to give himself immortality, as well as the magic of his collection. So while he is beyond powerful when it comes to his magical abilities, if anyone could actually get close enough to take a swing at him, a single well placed punch may be enough to do him in.

Another thing he developed as he grew older was his collection and his lust to continue adding to it. Over time, singular magic items were not enough. He began collecting multiples of specific items, and full sets and collections of a line of items. He began collecting unique items whether they were magical or not, such as a set of armor with the matching sword made for a specific king. He eventually began collecting people. He would seek out important figures, and abduct them during a particularly dangerous trek, his first victim being Rothian Ganorus and his company in 7090 F.R.. He prefered capturing people in small groups, or at least in groups who have been weakened from a fight. He will place the target individual into a coma-like sleep, keeping them perfectly preserved, and then task any extra people captured as slaves using his Greater Thrall Collars, an improved version of the Thrall Collars of Farland which he based them off of.

His collection gained a huge bolster when he temporarily obtained the ability to time travel. Not long before the collapse of the second Cadre of the Wise, Seldorius developed a magical item which would enable one to travel through time. It didnít take long for Seldorius to realize the danger of such a device regardless of who owned and used it, so he destroyed it. At least he thought he did, for Galdien stealthily swiped it from its demise at the last second. He was not able to reproduce the item or replicate the effects of it through his own means, but he did manage to attach it to his portal and enable it to take him anywhere and anytime.

Because of Galdienís policy of only taking items and people who would not be missed (such as taking a weapon dropped in a war), he didnít noticeably alter anything in the timestream. However, Seldorius could feel the intense use of the magical effects of the device fluctuating throughout the region. Fearing that the Dweller of the Wintervale may also notice it and obtain it for herself, he immediately sought out its location. Seldorius was indeed a powerful mage, and is perhaps the only person to have reached Galdienís island fortress of his own accord. He successfully destroyed the device that enabled time travel, but in the process, Galdien [killed him in a fit of rage/ was able to capture Seldorius and add him to the collection of important people].

Hmmm I am definitely liking this. What would you think about writing an entire adventure based on his island?

A whole campaign? Hm, I was thinking it would be a mini side quest, but I suppose it could be a campaign.

My idea for how it starts is the party is captured, either because they have a Gnome in the party he wants to collect, or because they are escorting an important person on a dangerous mission. Then one of the party members wakes up because their collar has finally broken after centuries of use (on other people). They can then either attempt awaking the rest of the party and/or other NPC slaves, and begin exploring from there. The only feasible way off (or onto) the island is through the magic door unless it's a party of level 20+ characters. Plus, know one knows he exists because he collects things in a way he can't be detected. He slipped up with the time travel magic which drew Seldorius to his island, but aside from that his island is well protected, and a forgotten figure in history. If nothing else, the sheer number of magic items there mixing their passive effects causes all kinds of crazy phenomenons making it never impossible for people to reach him, especially by accident (stronger and more aggressive monsters, random fogs of various magical effects, etc...)

To emphasize a bit, I'm thinking unless it's stated somewhere else that he was just a backstabbing prick, unknowingly wandering too close to Galdien's island affected Robert the Blue's mentality and is what caused him to betray Daven after destroying the pirates (6850s FR).

The possible outcomes I see from this campaign are:
- Attempt a frontal assault on Galdien and the whole party dies.
- Try to escape without taking or really doing anything. If they leave behind the person who they were escorting, Galdien probably won't notice they're missing.
- They take some stuff from the collection, either people or items. Regardless of how (or if) they escape, Galdien will be furious that his collection has been defiled, and will make obsessive plans to recapture each member of the party (maintaining his secrecy) in order to torture them and use their entrails as ingredients for new magic items.
- They trick Galdien somehow (sweet talk, lure into a non-magical trap, etc...) into a situation where they can kill him. They can then free other slaves, awaken collected people, and gather any (or all) items from the collection.

My hope for this campaign was to bring a hoard of magic items (back) into use in Farland as well as put in motion a bunch of political tension from the arrival of past Kings and heroes. The said important people freed from the collection would insist on taking most of the collection to the liberated kingdoms (and imprison the important dark folk). After dropping off all the stuff (which the party doesn't keep), a sleeper agent would take the opportunity to swipe many items and free the important dark folk.

Are there any specific items you specifically would/wouldn't want in the collection?

Wait, I never actually answered the question. Yes, I would love writing a whole adventure based in the island.

Though I will probably finish the stuff about the 7 Commanders first. I just took a break from that to get this posted for review.

To me a series of adventures is a campaign. I'm just talking like one adventure, similar to The Troll Pits of Hextor, which I just published.

It might make a really cool adventure for high level characters if they are abducted and wake up on his island. Maybe they could break into his item collection and use the items to escape the island. But maybe at the end of the adventure they can each only take one item off the island because reasons.

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
To me a series of adventures is a campaign. I'm just talking like one adventure, similar to The Troll Pits of Hextor, which I just published.
Ah, gotcha. That makes sense.

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
It might make a really cool adventure for high level characters if they are abducted and wake up on his island. Maybe they could break into his item collection and use the items to escape the island. But maybe at the end of the adventure they can each only take one item off the island because reasons.
So are you saying you don't want them to awaken important figures from the past? It would make an interesting story element if King Walin IV of Wawmar returned to the lands of Farland. He would arrive just in time to see the rise/demise of the Dwarven race.

I was also thinking that the players would only be able to keep one or two items each. The difference being that if they killed Galdien, they would take everything to somewhere in the liberated kingdoms (probably to royalty if they were able to wake the important people in the collection). In the process, they would be allowed to pick something from the loot. For example, if the rogue just grabs something and runs, the item might be anything, perhaps something that may not be all that helpful except in specific situations. But if they defeat him, the rogue could make choice out of a handful of items presented by the DM (the King they deliver everything to offers it as part of their reward).

I think awakening historical figures from the past is a great idea and would make things u retesting, but it's probably an idea that is best for an individual game rather than being made canon for the website as a whole.

I really like the idea though of an adventure starting with only one character rolled up, and that character chooses party members based on his or her first impression of them. Alternatively maybe there is only time to open four other collars before the monsters show up, so they are randomly determined. Could be a really fun challenge for the experienced D&D group. Maybe it could be written as an alternative start to the adventure.

We used to have a house rule (or maybe it used to be a core rule) that if you had 10 magic items there was a chance they would blow up. Could be fun to incorporate something like that so that the PCs can't get away with all the magic items. Maybe Galdien has them very carefully placed throughout his home to make sure this doesn't happen but as soon as the PCs start moving them, the "trap" is activated?

Anyway, I think this is a really coll idea. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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