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Question about Towers of Night Adventure

Question about Towers of Night Adventure

I have a question about the Towers of Night adventure.

How does Beryn plan on raising an army of undead if he only has a scroll? As a 4th-level Necromancer, does he have the ability to raise the multiple bands of undead that roam the area?

Also, if the scroll is, say, a scroll of Animate Dead, wouldn't he want to copy it into his spellbook rather than waste it on a single cast?

Hello Juju2112,

I have ran the adventure as a DM and I have not found the answer on your question within the PDF-file. I think it is up to the dungeon master to design this. Ofcourse, you can always answer this question with like: It's magic. It works in mysterious ways. I do not think it matters that a 4th level necromancer played by the dungeon master need to consider the rules step by step. I mean, player characters have levels, and most of the time a monster has got a CR. What I think is important is that Beryn needs a story, from where the player characters can conclude: This must be a powerful necromancer, for he can summon the dead! And do not think in player game terms: Oh, he must be over 5th level at least to cast the raise dead spell... As a dungeon master, you could come up with anything. Maybe Beryn had found a tome, telling him secrets to command the dead. In my version, Beryn was like Frankenstein, experimenting on beings, trying to create life, trying to solve the mystery of life. Accidentally, he created undead. I think it's important that it's correct, storywise, and leave the game mechanics for player character creations only. If you want to read more about my version of Beryn, see 'My Farland Pen & Paper Game' topic, first adventure. Good luck on your adventure!

Hi Juju! Thanks for your question. Kielzog has an excellent answer. One thing in my opinion that 5e does better than 3e is to not tie NPCs and monsters to the same mechanics PCs are tied to-- even if it is close. The thinking behind the designation of the necromancer as 4th level was to give the PCs an appropriate level boss encounter without killing them outright. We thought 5th level would be too high. That being said, it is essentially up to the DM how to resolve your question. One good way would be to say that Berwyn has already copied the spell to his book and is waiting to level up to be able to cast it on a regular basis. In that case the scroll he has would just be extra.

It sounds like the story is saying he has the ability to summon skeletons, zomblies, etc. But the stats don't show that he has any such ability. I'm not saying we should all follow the rules 100%. But it should at least be internally consistent. If we follow the philosophy that we make the monsters and NPCs we want to fit the story, then why not have a 4th level necromancer that has an extra ability to create undead? Otherwise, it makes no sense.

Thanks for your feedback! We will consider it during any future edits/updates of the "Towers of Night" adventure.

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