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Mechanics for Animals, Transport, and Trade

Of course I'm converting/comparing with 5e! What do you take me for?

Also, I've toned down animal carry capacity when pulling wagons, because it was rediculously high, and became even more so in teams. Even after the reduction, two draft horses can pull 5,940. Granted a full wagon can weigh a LOT, and at about 3,000 (half their capacity) their speed is reduced.

That's probably a good idea.

In the merchantry doc, I list tons of different items that can be bought and sold, both in order to provide a new way to gain profit, and as a way to add more potential for game flavor (one country may favor a type of material over another, thus adding available content for visual aesthetics). The pros is it is a relatively easy way to get a little extra coin and it can be used for story flavor (such as one of my groups is using it as a guise for traveling through the occupied kingdoms with a bit less suspicion). The cons include that you have to keep track of your goods (don't let them be stolen as you enter a dungeon or something), and if unlucky might actually sink you into a financial hole.

However, the lists of merchandise that can be bought and sold is getting rather lengthy. I divided the Gems and recently the spices and foods into classes based on their general values. I did this both to make it more flexible (insert unlisted gem or food into 'this' class), and to make it much less daunting.

Should I do that for all the categories, such as metal?


(5-6) Metals:
(1-3) 1sp Copper
(4-6) 1sp Tin
(7-9) 1sp Iron
(10-11) 5sp Steel
(12-13) 5sp Bronze
(14) 1gp Lead
(15) 1gp Mercury
(16-17) 5gp Silver
(18-19) 50gp Gold
(20) 500gp Platinum


(5-6) Metals:
(1-9) 1sp Basic
(10-15) 5sp Strong
(16-18) 1gp Special
(19-20) * Precious





(I just realized I don't have things like Mithral and Adamantine in here, so I'll need to fit them into the category or one of its classes)

I do intend to publish your merchantry stuff. I encourage you to triple check for economic balance to save me some time.

Many updates in the Merchantry doc. I am going with the sub lists within the categories of goods. This along with the modifications I made to determining the supply and demand will allow extra freedom to each individual DM. If they want it to be more like 3.5 and roll a die for each decision, they may. If they just want an extra thing for players to do in their downtime this allows it. And the modifications to the rules are specifically designed so people can insert extra stuff or remove ones they don't want or don't make sense in the circumstances.

I am still working out the finer points of costs, but I'm getting most of my info on that from D&D 3.5e and 5e sources, so the most challenging part is converting stuff appropriately.

Great. I plan on publishing the merchantry stuff in the near future.

I still need to finish the stuff for discerning markets in other cities and a little more on the metals, but other than that and basic ironing out, I think the first draft of the merchantry mechanic is finally about done. (Though I have a couple papers due next week, so I probably wont be able to accomplish this until the following week.)

Regarding the metal, the precious metals curently stand as (in pounds)

5cp Tin
5sp Copper
5gp Silver
50gp Gold
500gp Platinum

2500 gp Mithral
5000 gp Adamantine

When I convert everything to the silver standard, do these shift as well, or at least at the same rate (So 1 pound of gold would be 5gp while 1 pound of silver would be 5sp, etc)? And the prices I found for Mithral and Adamantine were consitantly this price in all editions. But is this too pricy for Farland (in sp instead of gp)?

Aside from shifting the prices to the Farland silver standard and finishing the two afformentioned items, what do you want me to focus on in order to make the second draft more fit before you go at it for the Farland draft?

Could you check out the stuff i have about dogs? I'm trying to keep it simple, yet I'm also trying to make dogs a viable aspect. If someone wanted to at this point, they could make an entire character revolving around training dogs.

Specifically, I was thinking of adding something where wolves can be trained like dogs, and maybe add a feat where you can have a dire wolf (perhaps in place of two dogs). What do you think?

I will look at this tomorrow and give you my thoughts.


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