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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Originally Posted by Law View Post
Wait . . . how many posts do I need before I get a personal assistant?
One GA should do it, if it's good enough.

Originally Posted by Hammerfist View Post
Just a rumor though. Nobody knows for certain!
Actually, it's been proven that the post number to get the assistant is exactly one more than your total amount of posts.

What? Can't be.

EDIT: Wow, you're right, I just got one that showed up outside the door. She's an intern. Lori. Very friendly and professional.

I remember Lori. She has sticky fingers, I'd keep a close watch on your paper clips and yellow sticky notes if I were you. And never let your stapler out of your sight!

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
I remember Lori. She has sticky fingers
I was going to post a picture too . . . but thought better of it.

As for milestones, I just had my second game pass the one year mark. A third is well on its way. None of my games will get much beyond a year though. By the time a year is up, I'm ready to change games, genres, stories, systems, characters, everything.

As of right now, I'm #485. Top 500, baby!

What? I set my goals low.

Just work on getting 484 people banned from the site. Then you're golden!

No, I'm well aware of my spot in the posting order. But at least it gives the guy something to aspire too!

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