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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Gath - as Logan said, I AM Puffin! I could fit you into a game or two as well, if Logan's doesn't work out. PM me if you like.

Heh, only thing I'm DM'ing is an overpowered arena game. We're always open for new players, but probably not what you're looking for.

Originally Posted by Gath View Post
Hey Ithamar! SLG! Good to be back. Getting the hang of the new modifications to the site. Know of any openings in a good game?

Sorry I don't seem to recall you Shannon, but the query about games goes out to anyone.
And when Ith says, "Overpowered" he means: As cheesy as everyone can with the rules allowed.

But yes, we be needing some fresh meat in the arena

Milestones... I am userid #2, only bested by Rigo

I would say the biggest MW milestone for me have been the big ones for the site itself, like when we reached a million posts, or our birthday (Which for me is actually on the 11th since thats the day we officially started working on the site, though we did not go public till March) and seeing the site growing and flourishing always makes me smile. Back when we opened this place I doubt we would have foreseen how big and how fast we are growing at this point. I am sure some of the users might remember our first server back when we used bluehost on (my personal website) and started having constant server busy issues because we had overloaded the allowed CPU usage.

I guess the other great milestone has been watching the code evolve as we have learned from our mistakes and made systems more resilient with a generally better architecture then our first incarnation. When we opened we had not really thought scope wise on all of how far we would go, we focused on the core features like the dice roller and character sheets, and game forum creation with folder editing. The good ol' days of ForumForge, of course since then we literally scrapped all that old code and rewrote a lot of the original code base from the ground up. 3eProfiler no longer exists in code, a lot of people assume because we have kept the front-end visually similar that we still run it in the back-end, but its a new beast entirely, a much more efficient, scalable, and more database friendly one. I could go on about how we have changed so many systems and explain how they used to work, but it really all comes down to knowing we have worked and have grown in the process of making MW what it is today.

A milestone in itself, we have 2-3x the active users of another website with half the moderation staff and I think our mods do a great job personally. I want to thank them for keeping this place running as smooth as it does, because without them Rigo, Mike, Plugsy, and Myself would all be bald from having pulled all our hair out and probably be in the loony bin from all the stress. They serve an essential job even if the ever so infrequent bad apple hates on them. Though we owe everything to the users, who through donations have kept us alive, who's games have kept us growing, who passion for role playing have made us as recognized as we are today, Thank you.

...and with that I think I will end my wall of text >.>

I love when the admins start getting emotional on us. I will admit I miss all the cool names like forumgorge, and heimdinskalalala or whatever it was.

I've been playing in a game for over a year now, I'm the only original player but it still floats.
On MW I DMed my first ever game, even if my schoolwork mercilessly butchered it.
Though it doesn't have to do with MW, I received my draft order on Feb. 1st, definitely a milestone for me.
I joined the site in November '08, and have never once been sorry about it, even when I posted instead of doing homework.
I learned a ton about writing and RP, and, well, being a member of this site is fun.

Well it's that time again, so here is Ith bumping a thread that is nearly 4 years old. In my nearly 6 years here at Myth-Weavers I have had some incredible fun and the number of cool people I've encountered outnumber the prats by about 100:1. And while the admins / mods do not want this thread to simply be about "Hey look at my post count!", that does not mean that certain counts cannot be commemorated with the musings or recollections of the great things that have happened (and continue to happen) here at Myth-Weavers.

So once again, let me hear your milestones! What fantastic things have happened to you here on Myth-Weavers? What has been so wonderful that you're just dying to share it with a group of mostly strangers?

Probably the best part of the last 20,000 or so posts would have to be the fact that my arena is still going, nearly 3 years after it was started. But honestly, it is the players in my arena that make it worthwhile. The excitement of new and crazy OP builds has definitely lost some of its luster, but it is the great guys (and maybe girls, though I doubt it) that I have gotten to know throughout the years that has been the real fun. For the most part I do not "know" any of these people, but I definitely consider them far more than "acquaintances". A lot of what goes on in the arena happens in private threads, so I've gotten secret glimpses into the minds and inner workings of my players that they don't necessarily reveal elsewhere online. And for sharing a little bit of their own crazy with me, I can genuinely say thank you! So to all of my players at Arena of Ascension, whether still there or long since retired from the murdering business, thanks for making this so great!

Hammie just marked 5 years here, and 15,000 + posts. There's still quite a lot of ground left to catch up to Ithamar.

Maybe I could just keep posting "A" "A" "A" in a cheap attempt to raise my count!

But seriously, it's been fun! A great activity for the business traveler! I'd like to think my writing ability improved, too...sometimes I shudder to look at the stuff written back in the day before Hammie referred to himself in the third person. Those were...dark days

You do miss some of the old time poster, but hey, there are always good new people to meet, too! As long as you keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and peoples' lives change, it all works out in the end. There are so many nice and helpful people out there; heck I've been inspired to GM a M&M game just because I saw how it should be done here on the 'weave. That's a mini milestone in and of itself.

Well, here's to fun, and to the continuation of all good things! Don't see any sign of slowing down. Be afraid, internet. Be very afraid

(leaves hotel in search of mega spicy Indian food)

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
And while the admins / mods do not want this thread to simply be about "Hey look at my post count!", that does not mean that certain counts cannot be commemorated with the musings or recollections of the great things that have happened (and continue to happen) here at Myth-Weavers.

Some post counts are special.

I recently bypassed Ruben to slide into the #2 slot for most posts on this site, behind Ithamar (way behind Ithamar). There is no rational reason to be pleased by this, and yet, I was and am.

I have a game here now that's 4.5 years old (it started elsewhere) and still going with three of the original players even, very happy about that, even if it is having some growing pains right now.

Another one is almost 3.5 years old, with four of the original players still. It's going splendidly, and has years to go yet. Everyone in it is now a friend, even though they weren't necessarily when it started. I've even met all but one of them in real life (soon to change to all of them!).

I actually completed (as a GM) a full 10 level campaign this past year, that was pretty exciting.

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