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@rollforyourfate: I've moved my rebuild in progress to this folder. What posting header format would you like us to use for this game?

I can have Eryn up & running after work this evening. He's starting at L3. Perished against a bunch of kobolds in Foxwyn's A Thousand Tiny Deaths, if memory serves correctly. It was a mass elficide...

Starting to fill up now folks. As Quirky bought up, here is what I'd like to see from your posting blocks for your characters: . This gives me the maximum amount of useful information just from glancing at your posts, which means less digging around for me! Any questions, please let me know.

*vinyl fuzz*

Now commencing pre-recorded message, dated 09-20-18. Message follows:

Greetings, everyone! I'm traveling tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 21) and returning Sunday (Sept. 23). Though I don't expect any issues with posting, if you don't see anything from me, talk to your local senator or member of parliament.

Message end.


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