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@rollforyourfate, is there anything to tie the rope to up at our end? Also, can Orn reach down to touch Shane (to give him Guidance)?

Is the room big enough the zombies (zombies rise from the bodies right?) would move out of my reach in advancing on the two searching?

@rollforyourfate, just checking what you mean by "reaction shots". Do you mean attacks (of opportunity perhaps) or just how the characters respond? (I suspect the latter but just wanted to be sure.)

Yea, just your initial response to the undead'll get your chance to lay into them @lemonstyx.

@Wonderwill: Well the zombies and the skeletons are practically on top of Orn and Everan while both Shane and Alvyn are down the steps still. Shane has to move into range - or the undead have to - in order to strike in melee.

Here's a very rough map (positional really) of everyone at the start of round one: blue men are the party, red are the undead. The blue line is the water line, the long black line are the stairs up to the altar.

He recognizes him immediately, and Orn feels shock, betrayal, and anger when he sees him.

@Lycanthropian: Alvyn notices that Grim doesn't want to make eye contact and is looking quickly towards the tunnel that leads from this place. But he could easily chalk that up to being trapped down here for days on end.

That's a wrap folks! I had a great time running it. Please check my final post for your rewards.


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