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Character Creation Guidlines

Heard you are looking for a healer. I am interested applying as a halfling cleric. I have some questions.

(1) Do you allow campaign traits from other modules such as Ironfang Invasion?

(2) Do you allow re-fluffing of certain feats/traits/prestige class requirements? (Example if a certain trait/feat/prestige requires you to worship a deity that is unavailable in the setting, do you allow us to change/refluff that to another deity relevant to the setting?)

(3) If I am going halfling and I have taken noble needle but its increment only apply to cure light wounds, do you allow the increment to apply to all cure spells at the cost of something (feat/s, etc)? It specifies DM adjudication.

I have also seen the ad, and am putting in interest as a Pterran Vitalist.

Now we can has double healz!

Myself (as GM) am happy to take anyone, just know that life for the PCs would be helpful with a healer. I personally, want to see a Wizard.
1. Yes, if they are appropriate for Athas. Orcs for example (speaking of Iron Fang) don't exist. Likewise, traits with Arcane power sources or from the Gods are not appropriate or need some reskinning.

2. Yes.

3. Noble Needle is DAMN appropriate for Athas. Made of bone or Tree of Life wood. yeah, I would require either a Feat (works with all Cure Spells) or a Trait for each additional single cure spell it would work with.

Cool. For the trait from Ironfang Invasion, I am looking at Frontier Healer which is a scaling increment trait for cure spells.

Copper pieces:
Dice Roll: 4d4*10
d4 Results: 2, 2, 1, 3 (Total = 80)

Hit points:
Dice Roll: 2d6+12
d6 Results: 6, 2 (Total = 20)

Mechanically done, just need to be plugged into a sheet.

Tik'kr only speaks Kreen, but he can communicate telepathically with those willing (or forced...) to join his Collective.

While tempting, I will not be able to make a character due to time constraints in RL. Good luck to those applying.

OKay, I think we have our two.
@PiedPiper (Elia - Wizard (and healer)) and @Casual Viking (Thri-Kreen Vitalist Life Leach)

I am on the road at the moment. Wo give me a moment to work you in.

Casual Viking, can you make a post in the app thread just so everything can live there together? Also with Int 12, he should be able to speak common, is there a reason you don't want to?


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