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Need a new mobile game

Need a new mobile game

Hi everyone,

Not sure how big of a following mobile (Android specifically) gaming gets around here, but thought I would check in and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I'm looking for something new to play, something that I can check in periodically to make progress, but doesn't require dedicated chunks of time. Something along the lines of Idle RPG's, Simulations, or strategy games. I'm pretty open to most suggestions, about the only thing I can think of offhand I'm not interested in would be Incremental/clicker games.

I've been playing World Quest, which fit's the bill pretty good, but it's in Beta now and I've accomplished everything there is until the next update.

Some kind of social aspect, guilds, clans, etc is a plus.


Not sure if Android has Star Wars Commander. It does not require a large time commitment. You build and upgrade your base, work through the PVE campaign, maybe attack other opponents. There are Guilds/Clans, in-game chat. Officers of a guild can start a war between your clan and one on the opposing side (Reb v Imp). Some clans are very competetive and war often (daily), others war regularly but not often (weekly).

It sure does.

Just checked it out real briefly so I haven't got the full scope of the features yet, but it looks promising. I like that it has a real Original Trilogy feel to it.

Now to decide,The Mechanical Might of the Galactic Empire, or the Heroic Freedom Fighters of the Rebel Alliance?

Ive only really played 2 mobile games. The first one I kind of quit because the arena has become very pay to win where people with hundreds of dollars make the most intricate builds with the best gear and wipe everyone. That game is Fire emblem heros. If you like turn based strategy games its really good and has a pretty good story too. You will obviously have more connection to it if you played previous fire emblem games though. Without that connection I can see anyone easily wondering who the various characters are and why they should care

The other game I play is Dragalia lost which is a fun dungeon run game and is completely PVE. It has pretty frequent events, most of the characters are actually characters, and the game currency (wyrmite) used to buy stuff like characters, dragons, etc is plentiful enough that I dont feel like you have to spend money at all to get anywhere. That said, I do wish there was a system where you could just buy what you want but instead they use a lootbox system. Getting duplicates isnt a huge detriment though as duplicate characters convert into useful resources, and other duplicates can be used to power up the items you already have. Oh and the thing that got me and some friends into it is you can play it multiplayer which is tons of fun with raids and other big boss encounters

Thanks for the suggestion. The concept for Dragalia Lost sounds pretty neat, but I'm not a huge fan of that anime style art, I'm not sure why, but it's just always bugged me for some reason...

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes might fit the bill, too.

I've had a lot of fun with Merchant RPG! It's not mmo but it's a great fantasy idle game, you run a shop and need to recruit heroes to go on quests to collect ingredients so you can craft items and sell them.

Originally Posted by Redmega View Post
I've had a lot of fun with Merchant RPG! It's not mmo but it's a great fantasy idle game, you run a shop and need to recruit heroes to go on quests to collect ingredients so you can craft items and sell them.
That does look like fun. Any kind of social aspect to it? I'm hoping to find a game I can play with my 12 year old nephew ideally.

Sdorica is a fun, strategic game to play casually. It has a cute art style, orchestrated music, and it combines elements of traditional RPGs with Tetris / Bejeweled. There's a storyline, co-op modes, events, guilds, chat, and such.

Gameplay revolves around controlling a party of 3 units, with 2 "advisors" as backup. Your main party has one white unit (support), one black unit (dps), one gold unit (tank). You use their abilities by combining orbs of the same color in a 7 x 2 grid. You can choose 1-orb, 2-orb, or 4-orb combos. Each unit has their own passive, as well. There are random battle buffs and hazards as well. All this encourages you to mix-and-match your units and keeps things fresh.

While some units are better than others at certain things (armor penetration, healing, etc), there is no "one unit beats all" or "one party beats all." Everyone is useful for something. Rayark (the creator) is also fairly generous for giving out in-game currency, with which you use to pull units.

As a free to play player, I have almost all the units, and have completed all current content.

Some example gameplay of PvE arena. If you decide to try, let me know if you have any questions, or need any help.

I have been hooked on Marvel Strike Force, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and now Star Fleet Commander.

Each one takes a certain amount of time to gain traction in but once you get hooked into a guild, they are a lot easier. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes or Star trek, you might like one of these three.


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