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It's Coronation Day!

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It's Coronation Day!

Fantasia: Coronation - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Congratulations on being invited to witness the coronation of Princess Anna, sole daughter King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. It's been one year since the king and queen were lost at sea and the mourning period has come to an end, it is time to crown Anna queen! She will usher a new era unto the kingdom and her reign will not soon be forgotten!

What do you get when you take D&D 5e and slap a coat of Disney paint on it? This game! I am looking for four players to make some interesting characters inside a twisted Disney themed world and take them on a grand adventure! This game is meant to be a single self contained adventure, what you'd call a "one shot" if we were playing on tabletop. Depending on how things end, there are possibilities to hook into another adventure, it'll just depend on the game flow. That being said, a "one shot" in PbP can take months or maybe even years! So there will definitely be a lot of playing to be had.

Your Gamemaster: I am Witchslasher! Named for a noble Dwarven clan! I have been around the Weave for a few years now! I like to stay pretty active on the boards mostly GMing for Mutants and Masterminds 3e and 5th Edition D&D. Fantasia: Coronation is sort of a spin off game from my other game Fantasia: The Twisted. I'm looking to explore some new ideas within this setting and have a great time mixing up Disney's characters!


The setting is a lot like a standard fantasy game you'd see in D&D or other high fantasy games, just with Disney elements. Instead of having places like Baldur's Gate and Cormyr, we have places like the Pride Lands and Agrabah. It's similar to Kingdom Hearts, but the destinations are different countries rather than different planets. The game has a dark tone and things can be lethal here. You'll see characters you know, but not as you know them!

In this setting, some animals talk and everyone is okay with that. If a lion walks up and asks you a question, don't act surprised, it's actually commonplace. The highest tech level is the weapons you see in the movie Pocahontas and those are pretty rare and come from a specific place (Camelot). I have a World Wiki set up, but it's in progress and completely malleable. It's to give you ideas and inspiration, but not to be taken as hard canon.

If your character's setting is not in game or none of what's in there works feel free to make up your own places. What I have written in there can be changed and added to if we need to expand the world to fit the characters. I will say though, some things work better than others. I generally don't veto any ideas, but things like Tron may be a tough sell. Also, in the past when I've advertised for the game I got a lot of questions about Star Wars and Marvel, which are Disney properties. I'm not going to 100 percent say no to those ideas, but I'm generally more in favor of things from the Disney Renaissance and Disney Animation Canon. I feel Star Wars and Marvel are better suited for games within their own setting rather than this.

Application Process

It starts here! Post your interest, ask questions, shamelessly bribe me! All in this ad thread! Next step will be to jump over to the Characters Threadgroup and post a new thread with either your user name or your character name as the title. This is where you will do all of your character building. While you can create any character that will work in a fantasy type setting, the Disney element is a backdrop and I'd encourage you to either take a Disney character and twist them up a bit or at least add something from the setting into your character. Also, just because a character is in the world wiki, doesn't mean they're off limits. As I mentioned earlier, the wiki can be changed to suit accepted players.

Please take the time to at least scroll through my list of Rules. There's actually very few rule changes as most of it is just about my preferred posting format and some other things that I like to do to smooth things out for PbP. There may be some things within the rules that inform your character decisions. For example, I do not plan on using maps in any meaningful capacity, so you should not make a character that is centered around map based combat.

For the mechanical and fluff for your character, I have a thread that has all the details so please click over to Character Creation to check those out and build yourself an awesome character. Please stay away from characters from Frozen as, if it wasn't obvious, I have plans for those characters in this adventure.

The ad will run for about 1 week. Please ask all questions in the ad thread, I will do my best to answer them and add them to the questions and answer section. If I miss your question you're certainly welcome to PM me. The OOC thread will be open once player characters have been chosen, please do not create new threads within the game forum beyond the one used for your character application.

GM's Expectations

Posting rate: I like to say "1/day as needed". This means that if the game is flowing normally you should be posting at least once a day (weekends and holidays excluded). However, if we're in combat and it's not your turn, I don't expect you to post something, if we're in combat and it is your turn I expect you to post as soon as possible. Essentially, if we're waiting on you, you need to get a post as soon as you can and if you don't I will be bumping you after about 24 hours (again weekends/holidays excluded).

Communication: This is very important to me. Please be mindful of everyone at the game table and let us know your schedule if something comes up that causes you to be unable to post. I know the unexpected can happen, but in a world where everyone has the internet in their pocket, there's no real reason you can't jump onto the OOC board and simply say that something has come up and you'll be unable to post for a while. I've put a good amount of time and effort into creating this game and am putting my time out there to run it, so please don't treat this game as something to do when you're bored online.

Posting something is always better than posting nothing: If there is a conversation going on and your character is not involved, I would still rather you post a couple lines about your characters thoughts or mundane actions rather than simply posting nothing, even something OOC is okay with me. Basically I want to still know that you are invested into the game, even if your character is not at center stage. I would love for there to be times during this game where I, as the GM, just get to sit back and watch characters talking to one another and developing as characters without the need for me to bump a thread or push to a new scene to breath some life into the game.

Act your Age: I don't know the age of everyone that's going to be joining this game, but I do expect a certain amount of maturity at the table. Be civil, be nice, no name calling, all that good stuff that good Myth-weavers should be doing.

Game Description:

What do you get when you take D&D 5e and slap a coat of Disney paint on it? This game! I am looking for four players to make some interesting characters inside a twisted Disney themed world and take them on a grand adventure!

Fantasia is a fantasy setting based on a more twisted version of Disney characters from their classic collection, further inspired by the art of Jeffrey Thomas and his twisted princess series.

Excellent! Thank you! I've been watching you too, it'll be really interesting to see how the two compare and how our respective takes on the source material line up! I'm pretty sure we'll be non-canon to each other at least.

@4DFlash let me know if you do apply as Alice. I've got a Cheshire Cat character and I'd love to connect backstories.

@jody I was thinking of doing Alice as a Warlock, but I've cooled on the idea somewhat. I'm still mulling some others over.

Thanks for the great apps so far! This is the notice that I'm going to be taking new applications for today and tomorrow! Then I'll leave the weekend and a couple days for everyone to finish up their apps. I will be choosing players starting Wednesday.

Originally Posted by 4DFlash View Post
@Witchslasher I had the rumblings of an play Mickey, of the House of Mouse. Thoughts/feelings?
I've used Mickey in my other game as a pivotal NPC, but if you want to play him here it should not be a problem, we'll just have to adjust the Andalasia setting.

The Road to El Dorado guys, are they from Camelot?

Or not allowed? Not sure if they are Disney.

Thanks all!

Closing the ad. If you are still working on your app keep at it!

If you have questions, please direct them to your character thread.


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