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Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Replacement Needed

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Replacement Needed

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Replacement Needed

I am looking for a replacement character. We currently have a party of five and I would like to bring it back up to six. We are currently nearing the end of Episode One of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Please feel free to browse the game forum to get an idea of play style. We just lost our cleric and I would love to another healer/support character to the team.
  • Party is on level 2
  • Posting rate is awesome, 3-5 times per week is the goal
  • It is a really good group, we've been having a blast so far
  • Please leave an application in the application folder
  • Deadline for applications will be March 5th

Please post any questions here! Thank you for reading!

Game Description:

HookAfter a few days on the road with your new companions, you are feeling less like a group of rag-tag misfits and more like a team. The merchant caravan train has almost completed its journey with nary a goblin bandit to be seen. Easy money! As your destination looms closer, you and your companions get the feeling that something is not right. Smoke billows on the horizon and as the party approaches, the clang of weaponry can be heard amidst screams and shouting. Still, you press on, a little fight doesn't scare you! Then the smell reaches your nostrils... the rancid stench of burning flesh.

The Dwarven merchant riding the lead caravan lets out a bloodcurdling scream, he whips the horses frantically and turns the caravan around, fleeing. Your courage takes you and a select few of the caravan guard forward to aid the townsfolk. You see various figures running around through the black smoke, some humanoid, some not. Will you take the leap from adventurer to hero?

Hello, sounds and looks like a fun game. This would be my first D&D 5e PbP, and wondered if a Pali would be a good support style for what u already have going.

@Infexious it certainly would! Feel free to submit an application for a paladin in the application folder.

Wow. I Took a look at the forum and in one day you have a ton of Apps for one spot! I was going to apply but it looks like you have it covered.

@ObviouslyTrolling absolutely!
@TheRoot I know it's awesome, feel free to write up an app if you want. So far only two have been completed and there's lots of time until the deadline.

@mnbrightblade - If you're interested, click the "Forum" link up near the upper left. That will take you to the forum for this game, which includes more information for how to apply, character creation guidelines and other useful information.

That's typically how game ads work on Myth-Weavers - an ad is placed here in the Games and Ads general forum, then you can go to the game specific forum via that "Forum" link for more info and to apply.

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