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History of the world derived from the book of creation.

History of the world derived from the book of creation.

From the pages of Dothlorian "the book of creation"

In the beginning the world we know now was not as it is. The ancients tended the gardens of vivacity and in its center was Loftloerin the life’s tree, from it all things hole and good sprang. But good cannot exist without evil for the balance must above all things be maintained so the Ancients infused Loftloerin with a wasting sickness called the blight, it covered the tree in a black oily substance causing half the leaves to wilt and half of its bark to become decayed. From this application Law and Chaos were also born and infused with good and evil.

The tale of the Ancients will be left for another time the events that take place after the joining of life’s tree and the blight will be what we focus on now, the joining is how the world was born. Loftloerin and the Blight were beings of great power, Each being knew that any direct confrontation between them would rend the world apart. Not wanting to destroy their homes, and themselves, Loftloerin and the Blight began to send forth lines of magic across the plane.

Lifetree's lines of magic began to sprout new life, each being erupting in infancy, and maturing in but a moment. Each line that the Blight sent forth was preceded by a monstrosity, a creature whose purpose was to counter Loftloerin. As Lifetree’s first line moved across the plane. A being of unspeakable power was born: Bahamut, King of Dragons. At that same moment, the blight brought forth a five-headed beast known as Tiamet. These two massive creatures came face to face, and with knowledge imparted to them by their creators, agreed to contend with one another in some lesser way, to avoid destroying creation. Thus were the dragons created. Bahamut used the earth's precious metals to mold and shape his children, breathing life into each. From the stuff of illusions and the dusts of nightmares, did Tiamet give life to her offspring. And the dragons had their children and their children contended for dominance, and the world continued to grow.

On the other side of the world, Loftloerin and the Blight continued their eternal struggle. On the continent of Gond, Lansyra Nightseye was born, a beautiful maiden with angular features and slightly pointed ears. In the bowels of the earth, her brother was born, his name was Joran, and he appeared to be her twin, so closely they resembled one another; but Joran's skin was black. These two, like Bahamut and Tiamet before them, agreed to contend with one another through peoples of their own creation. From the great forests of the continent of Gond came the fair-skinned elves, dancing under the light of their Nightseye. From the bones of the earth, in a cavern far underground, came the drow, dark mirrors to their surface cousins. And these two races contended with one another, never realizing that their world was still changing and growing and that they were not alone.

All over the world, similar incidents were occurring. In the mountains, a short stocky folk formed, tough as mountain stone and the Gnomes, evil cousins of the Dwarves had been born, as well The quiet places in the forest saw the birth of sprites and pixies and various sylvan creatures; while the soft , rolling hills provided homes for a happy folk, short of stature and furry of foot In time, the Dragon-Lords began to seek to extend the boundaries of their empires, leaving their ancestral homes, some to find new homes for an ever-growing population, others, simply to find new land to control, for wealth and power are the status-quo of dragon-kind. In the elves calendar, it is known as Allysfaroth, or the Year of Wyrmsflight. The dragons descended upon various parts of the world, and began to claim dominance over the lands and people in it. The gods, direct offspring of Loftloerin and the Blight, heard of this and were greatly offended by these lizardous upstarts. Lansyra, and Joran, eldest of the gods, called together their brothers and sisters and sent forth emissaries to speak with the Dragon-Lords. An agreement was formed between the two, and the calendars of the world were re-written. This year, named Alltherion by the elves, became 1 GR, The Year of Alliance.

The world continued peacefully for many years, until Joran, dissatisfied with his home in bowels of the world, began, discreetly to gather an army, forming alliances where he could, creating demons where no alliances could be formed. With help from his dark father, Joran crafted a powerful artifact known as The Rod of Joran, that greatly enhanced his power. Using this, Joran amassed a huge army of demons and undead. In 362 GR, Joran began to move his forces forward, overrunning those who stood in his path, streaking like an arrow for the heart of dragon-kind, the Twin Spires of Bahamut and Tiamet, the king and queen of dragons. Following in Joran's wake came those gods that flocked to his side, his pet demons and his walking-dead, the likes of which the world had never seen, all wreaking havoc and destruction wherever they went. The war that ensued, called simply, "Gods war," would last for years, involve every race on Saughvanion, and come very near to destroying the world. It was this treacherous act that branded Joran as "Truth slayer" and earned him the scorn of all goodly folk. Lansyra was not content to allow the dragons to destroy her brother, thereby tipping the balance in their favor, however, so she reluctantly aligned herself with her brother and focused her energies on destroying the threat posed by the Dragon-Lords.

The Blight and Loftloerin were disturbed by the actions of Joran, and could foresee the end of this plane as a result of his foolish ways. It was then that those two primal forces merged their considerable might for the first time since creation, and gave birth to Corynn Greycloak. To aid her in her most difficult of tasks, Loftloerin and the Blight provided her with the now coveted Wyrm's Bane pods. These would allow her control over the mightiest of Dragons, allowing her to end this destructive insanity. In 874 GR Joran, Lansyra, and the other gods, met Bahamut and Tiamet on what is now known as Battlesbarrow, a flat stretch of plateau set out in the High Seas. The air virtually sparked with magical energy. Demons, devils, dragons, and undead, all howled at one another across the open expanse; this battle, had it ever taken place would have ripped the fabric of space and time, destroying Saughvanion. But suddenly, a brilliant light appeared between the apposing forces, wielding a power unmatched by any present, neither by both combined.

"Your foolish pride and reckless abandonment of everything you have been told has nearly destroyed our home" Both God & dragon alike stood breathless and in awe of this vengeful presence. ”Saughvanion will no longer support the weight of foolish immortals, unconcerned with the fate of Eternity. Bahamut, though you're actions are noble, you're methods are foolish; and you, Tiamet, you, as always are deceitful and cruel, much like Joran. she then turns to the king of all dragons. ”Bahamut, from now to forever, you shall reside Behind The Four Winds, in a palace that will also be your prison. Take your council with you, and return no more to this plane. Tiamet, Joran, you shall reside on the first plane of hell, an eternity together for your foolishness. My brothers and sisters, to Valtaniroth with you, bicker among yourselves there. As Corynn began to raise the orbs, Noble Bahamut stepped forward. "My sister," he said, knowing her identity instantly, "our actions have been reproachful, and you are right to send us away, but our people are here, and we truly care for them. Might we still communicate with our chosen?"

"Thy request is most noble Bahamut, and so shall it be. Each of you chose whom you will take as your chosen, and teach your people according to your belief, but never again come to this plane. Or, by the powers lent me by our creators, I shall see you sent to oblivion!" With that, Corynn brought the Wyrm's Bane pods above her head, and cried out to her creators. In that instant, Corynn became a conduit for the raw force of the world itself. So much raw energy was channeled that the lay lines, magic veins conducting magic, were burned into the atmosphere, providing tangible barrier from Valtaniroth to this plane. On clear spring nights, remnants of this magic can be seen in the northern sky in a phenomenon known as the Halo, a circle of light crowning Saughvanion. In a brief moment, and a flash of white fire, Corynn found herself standing alone on that cold, windswept plateau. She then flew on eagle's wings to the continent of Gond to the last untainted spot of ground to be found on the entire planet, a place kept safe by the constant vigilance of the Elves. Leaning down, she loosened the soil, and buried her hands deep within the earth. Beginning a soft unintelligible chant, Corynn began, also, to weep. As her tears touched the earth, Corynn's form began to change. Her arms were drawn upward, fingers outspread, and her skin began to darken. Slowly, she began to sprout leaves, transforming completely into a large vallorn tree. Then that tree began to glow, first a dim white, then a soft blue, then a glorious green, and then, the magic began to spread. Wherever the magic touched, the ground gave birth to new life, and the world was reborn. (875 GR, Allstharyon, Year of the Rebirth ) With the earth's rebirth, came the humans, those representatives of every end of the spectrum, and they were the chosen of Corynn. And the world continued to grow.

But evil it seems will not be undone for in the mountains and in the forests those Elves of light and Dwarves who sided with Joran were twisted and bent. Thus Goblins and Orcs were born to plague the world. In warrens under the forest the goblins made their homes. In the mountain caverns the Orcs made war on their kin’s men for land and food. And the world Continued to Grow…

The current Year is 2075 GR (The year of Meeting) for the last one thousand two hundred years Gond has flourished. Humans populate the northern tundra and some reside in the southern Highlands. Due south and west of the southern highlands lies a land of fertile soil and lush forests. It is here that a group of refugees from a dieing land first appear. The humans of Gond were only now learning to work metal barely out of the Stone Age these new humans were technologically far superior to the barbaric humans they had brought with them Dwarven companions from lands across the sea. Together they sought to establish a New Kingdom on the southern peninsula of Gond.

It was soon discovered that a dragon laid clam to the region so Rocannon Hard, the First king of Corona together with his lords and His trusted friend Dugrule Stonehelm “King under the Mountian” set off to find and slay the evil creature. It took many months for the party to find the lair of the dragon. On the night of the Autumn Equinox the dragon slayers stumbled upon a great pile of timbers nestled within a ravine deep in the forest.

Plans were laid and at dawn the band entered the make shift cave, once inside Rocannon was amazed by the sure complexity of the place. It was a maze that wound down into the natural rock ravine. They overcome many things including the magical experiments of the dragon. Who in the end turned out to be a female green dragon, Only Dugrule survived the battle and carried the dieing body of Rocannon Hard from the lair. With his death and the death of the other lords the rest of the nobility soon began to squabble over who would take the crown.

Lady Ebony The Queen, who was with child, fled into the woods. She knew her child would not be allowed to live when the new King came to power. Dugrule, disgusted with the way the humans fought over the right to Kingship took Rocannons’ Body and entered the halls of his people. Once inside the dwarf king sealed the great doors and entombed the body of his friend within the crypts newly built hall of kings.

Time Passed and the Kingdom of Corona was established it consisted of four Dukedoms and ruled over by the Grand High Duke. From his city on an island in the Gulf of Gond the High Duke dispensed his laws some of them were just but lots were intended to keep the noble families in power. Only by sending tribute to the dragon were the humans able to live in safety, the price of this was a virgin girl no older than fifteen she was to be dressed in simple garments and delivered on the Autumn Equinox and again on the Spring Equinox.

The new Royal Family put into effect a lottery. The names of all of age girls in the kingdom were placed in a barrel and at the beginning of each year two names were drawn one for the spring sacrifice and one for the fall sacrifice. This Continued for 15 years, then in 20 Corona Reckoning it was discovered that only the names of common folk were ever placed into the barrel. No Noble name had ever been drawn from the bucket. This caused a revolt that was quickly squashed. It was during this time that Corona discovered that it was not alone. To the northwest a savage people calling them selves Kets began raiding the kingdoms northern borders, in response the High Duke ordered a wall built across the extreme northern portion of his kingdom. At first this wall was fashioned of wood but later it would become a massive stonewall equipped with small keeps along its length to garrison troops that would guard the northern frontier of the kingdom.

During the time of the construction of the wall mysterious things started to happen, lumberjacks would just disappear never to be seen again. The people began to think the woods were cursed. All they would find in some cases was a hole and the missing mans axe. But more often than not the lumberjack would simply disappear and was never herd from again.

Needless to say the building of the Great Wall was slow. It is during this time that current events begin to play out. It has been 22 years since the Kingdom Of Corona has been established. And the time has come for a new virgin to be sent to Jadeessaluxxess Dragon High Lord of southern Gond.


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