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Best Character Quotes- now with 50% less context!

not really a single quote but worthy of a laugh in a way

ME: *rolls perception check* (rolls a natural one)


GM: Only one problem with that...

*rolls dice* (survival; rolls a natural one)

Gotta hate crit fails...


ME; (next post later)

*survival check* (rolls a natural one)
unless disturbed it will be a forced march after some 8 hours....


GM: Holy crap... Another one... Idk if you'll get this reference, but "That was unprecedented Leo..."

Alright... I'm gonna roll a random chance dice to see what happens. You are being a great sport about these crit fails, btw. And FYI, if you would've passed or chosen the road, you'd have met travelers who would have given you a ride to Arnor... But wandering in the woods... That's quest-worthy... Ish... And by ish I mean not at all... :/ Sorry man. But praying always helps in my games...


GM: After the entire day, you finally reach a river...

*survival roll* (guess what the number was? you'll never guess it)


GM: Reroll for goodness sake. Is this dice roller even working!?


(on the next page...)

*knowledge rolls for both religion and local*

GM: Awesome, you pass on both counts. That is not being treated as a critical failure.

all OOC;

player1: True, well, we are all evil you know. As Villains we have to understand it takes time for our machinations to come to fruition.

ME: i just want the epic awesomeness to start

GM: I have to throw something bigger than a fireball at you to impress you?!?

...Okay, let me see what else I can pull out of my hat of tricks...

"So what kind of roll do I need to make in order to strap myself to a mountain goat for climbing?"

One of my players asked me this last week.

"Nothing says 'interrogation' quite like 'we can cut your testicles off more than once'."

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
"Nothing says 'interrogation' quite like 'we can cut your testicles off more than once'."
OK, that has GOT to be from your Wormverse game. That, or a Deadpool comic.

It's the only game I'm currently running. Almost all of them are from there.

... I should create an open link for the "fan art" page as well. Heh.


I figure we've got enough rotting bait to make the whole fishing thing pretty viable.

Turns out the (guy that suicide bombed himself) will be useful after all.


He already possibly has Cancer, you wanna give him E Coli too?

"That's like burning down the forest so you can find the trees"

I'm having trouble remembering what caused me to say that

It was during a fallout game and I think it happened after my character blew himself up with 10 ounces of nitro

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