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List of Traveller and 2300AD players

Not familiar with T20, though I've heard some reasonably good things about it. I'd be wary though, Mongoose did a lot of d20 stuff and of the stuff I'm familiar with (mostly D&D supplements), little of it is worth the paper it's printed on. As AsenRG said, it doesn't seem like a good fit for Traveler. The d20 craze brought us some amazing stuff, but adaptations of games originally designed for other systems (Deadlands and to a lesser extent L5R, I'm looking at you in particular) generally weren't good.

Okay, let's see, I actually have the books from quite a few versions around. But let's stick to the list format:

1: Yes. This is about the setting, the rules are merely a means to the end of bringing the setting alive.
That said, I can not fathom how they thought a level based system like D20 would be a good idea. Or WoD D20:
2: I could make do with some help tweaking things to better fit a party, but I have books for Mark Miller's Traveller, Megatraveller, 2 of the Gurps books and Mongoose' Traveller.
3: Mostly. As long as Vargr are available, I'm happy. I don't absolutely *have* to have them but I like them. A lot.
4: Eh sure. I was a game not too long ago but sadly, the GM disappeared.
5: I theory I'd be willing. But experience tells me that I may not be capable to sustain a constant amount of dedication
to the task, so it would be best if I stuck to being a player.
6: Sure. I could always Co-GM some things. Run NPCs maybe. Help out with stuff. That should work.

I took the liberty of adding leons1701 to the list as well. Though his UFP is going to be listed as "classified" for now.
Lycar, you're added as well.

I don't own any Traveller material 'any version) can I still say I'm interested as I can't make a character to sumit?

Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
I don't own any Traveller material 'any version) can I still say I'm interested as I can't make a character to sumit?
Of course, you'd just list "none" on the second question in the UFP.

Originally Posted by Itzchy View Post
But... but D20 works for everything!
If d20 works for everything with you, it means that everything you play is D&D-inspired fantasy.
And frankly,
that's putting it mildly
that's not the best sub-set of fantasy litterature.

I loved Traveller since I found the first edition of Mongoose and just saw Mercator which could be tons of fun to play. Anyway, here's my information.

1. MgT1e, MgT2e, T5, Mercator
2. No help needed.
3. All settings are fine really.
4. Before accepting invitations to play, I'd like to know more about the game itself and ask questions if needed.
5. Haven't played enough of it to actually run it.
6. No.

Originally Posted by Ostrich Rage View Post
Thanks. So who is running a Mercator game now?
I don't know, but if you point me towards one, I'd gladly play in it!


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