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List of Traveller and 2300AD players

Nothing new to my knowledge. At least not online on this forum.

Then again, I'll admit that I'm not really looking, since I can't really afford to take on another game.

Here's my $0.02. I'll admit, I don't currently have any of the source materials any longer (haven't for many years), but if there's a game going, I'm definitely keen to jump back in.


1. Yes. Although prefer 1e or MGT just because those are the ones I'm most familiar with. [Edit: Also have Mongoose Traveler rulebooks now]
2. None.
3. Yes, although again, prefer late 3rd Imperium since that's the timeline I remember
4. Yes
5. No (I'm a terrible GM)
6. No (see above)

1. GURPS is top of the list; I'd be willing to try Mongoose; any variant of 2300 AD would be great; MT, TNE, T20, or T5 might be fun.
2. CT; MT; TNE; T4; GURPS; T20; T5; T2300 AD; T20:2320; MgT1e:2300.
3. I'm good with anytime in 3I history (alternate or not) and anywhere in Charted Space, or with third-party/homebrew settings. Any of French, American, or Chinese Arm sounds fantastic.
4. I'm happy to accept invitations to play.
5. I'm a school-teacher by day and theatrical actor/director by night, so refereeing is at present a bit outside my time budget.
6. Alas, no; see above.

Nobody has notified me so. I have invited a couple people over from the Citizens of the Imperium...but they seem unwilling to change forums.

I keep being tempted to run a game, but I'm more on a fantasy wavelength lately, so I'd be more likely to run something like Worlds Apart or Adventurer, or my take on Cepheus S&S... and coupled with the likely-to-be-uneven speed, I doubt many people would be happy with the game.


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